Friday, September 30, 2011

Bright Eyes concert

 This is the band Bright Eyes, at ACL Festival.

 This is right before Conor Oberst stage dives into the audience.

 Conor Oberst saying good-bye.

If you like Bright Eyes, &  you have 7 minutes, watch this video. It's the actual performance of their final song when Conor Oberst stage dives into the audience. It's what I saw when I was there. I nearly cried that evening. I get choked up watching it again.
For me, it's that good. It was my favorite festival moment.

One For You One For Me  
Lyrics  by Bright Eyes

..."How did we get so far away from us?
How did we get so far away?

One for the people, one for the parliament
One for the weary, one for the malcontent
One for the master, one for the protégé
One for you, and one for me

One for the bread lines, one for the billionaires
One for the missing, one for the barely there
One for the certain, one for the real confused
One for me, okay, now one for you

Now that we've come so far away from us
Now that we've come too far to say
You and me, you and me that is an awful lie...
It's I and I, 
It's I and I, It's I and I, It's I and I" 


  1. WO,WOW,WOW!!!It looks like a great concert!

  2. mmm) I love this post. great photos)

    Look for me *

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  4. whaaaaaaaaaaatttttttt I love this band... nice pictures... kisses and happy weekend

  5. wow, that band seems cool! thanks for the comment dear <3

  6. What a great band!!

  7. I like your blog and this post *

    Look and you see me *

  8. Looks like the crowd definitely loves them!!

    What an amazing show.

    Lots of love from Sydney,

    x Kel

    loving leather lashings

  9. I loveee Bright Eyes! And Connor Oberst, naturally. (: You're lucky for getting to see them live!

    - Jaimie

  10. Nice post. I missed Bright Eyes last time they came to town, but all my friends went and said they had a great time.

  11. This makes my heart happy :) I saw him last month, when he came to birmingham. There was a big ordeal- I left my ID at home, and they wouldnt let me into the concert! Luckily I had my college ID, and got in, but I would have died if I didnt get to see him.

    You should check out Great Book of John. They are a local band here,and played before BE went on. I think you would like them!

  12. conor is seriously a genius. i love his suicidal tone of singing.




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