Monday, September 5, 2011

Adventures of Frog & Toad

Hello, these two little ducks, are named Frog & Toad.

Here are some of their adventures in Duck Tales while they were with me, this past weekend.

My friend Charity, from
 A Lovely Little World
sent them to me, from Canada.

Frog & Toad resting.

A quiet moment with Frog & Toad.

Frog & Toad dancing.

Frog & Toad watching the band.

Sitting on shoulders to see the band better.
Frog & Toad munching on lollipops.
Frog & Toad showing you they're in Texas.

Frog & Toad sitting pretty,
 on the boat.

Frog & Toad looking at the race car.

Frog & Toad at the Blues Festival.

Frog & Toad snuggling.

Frog & Toad watching the band set up.

Frog & Toad in front of the rides.

Look for more Frog & Toad adventures in a couple weeks.

Frog & Toad getting some lemonade

 If you are interested in me sending Frog & Toad to where you live, please leave me your email address in the comments.

Whenever you leave me a comment on my blog, I have to approve it before it's published.
     This way you know I won't ever publish your personal information, unless you want me to.
     I will 
snail mail Frog & Toad to you when we come back from our New York City trip, in about 11 days.

I would love for you to be a part of Duck Tales!


  1. I'm going to explode from the cuteness! It looks like they had a blast. They're never gonna want to come back to me now! haha

  2. There are so so so cute. I really like your blog. Wow! 12 blog posts, hope you have fun on your holiday.

    Oh, that boat is so cool.


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