Friday, September 30, 2011

circles in new york

At the Anthropologie store window.

Below are the security signs, we had to pass, before we could get on the boat, to the Statue of Liberty.

Circle clock on Times Square.

At the M&M's Store they had this thing that you step on. The screen determines what your M&M mood color is.
 My friend's color mood was green. We all know what green M&M's mean. Why wasn't mine green?

My M&M mood color was white.

Circle light signal on the subway.

Circle sink, & circle scented scrubs at this shop. I can't remember the name. You choose a scent. Then, wash your hands with the soap, scrub, & lotion. The sales person uses perfume.  It's a layered scented process. I may even be forgetting a step. It's a fun experience.

Circle painting at The Met.

White chocolate mousse. New York cheesecake.

 One of these was a roll. One was a spinach & feta pastry. One was a wild mushroom with provolone cheese pastry.

My vanilla custard pastry looks like food porn.


  1. love love LOVE anthropology!!! and the food looks delouse!

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  3. Such a cool and delicious post!!!Love it!

  4. veyr original :)


    Have a nice weekend :)

  5. hahaha it looks like you are thoroughly enjoying NY! And yes the food here is phenom!!

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  6. oh my Godnesss!!!! those goodies look so yommieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

    i took that same test at the M&M store @ NYC, but don't remember which color was my mood! i'm sure it was very positive :)


  7. Oh, I love how you always have themes with your posts. All these circles! Circles are such a great shape, unless you're in a math class. Then I prefer triangles. Anyway, that Anthropologie display looks gorgeous, of course. And all that food! You're making me so hungry! White chocolate mousse? Yes please. Spinach and feta pastry? Oh. My. God.


  8. All the photos are showing up on this computer! ;) Anthropologie is one of my favourite stores. If only it weren't so expensive ...

    Those vanilla custard pastries look amazing.


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