Monday, September 5, 2011

lights at night prompt

My photos from
30 Days of Lovely
photo challenge.

Night Prompt

Colored water win a gold fish game.

Someone's art of musicians.

That would be me showing you
how short I actually am.

I like the way the lights look
blurry & weird in
this photo of my guy.

All these photos were taken in this city. 

The last time my brother saw me wearing this orange shirt,

he said,

"Jimi Hendrix called from the grave. He says he wants his shirt back."

Was that supposed to be an insult?

My bro should know how I feel about Hendrix. All he has to do is look here and here.

But then again, I know he doesn't read my blog.  :P

1 comment:

  1. A Hendrix reference is definitely not an insult! ;) You must have so much fun, goin' to different events and museums and shows all the time. I think I need to get out there a little more. ;)


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