Monday, September 5, 2011

red garden

words by Alice Hoffman

....She went on, past meadows, through an orchard.
Diana Vreeland
style icon photo is vintage
 Harper's Bazaar magazine

There was a canopy of apple blossoms and the air was fragrant.

HM Garden Collection Jacket

When she gazed up through the haze of white she could imagine there was snow, 

Rouge +Rouge
HM Garden Collection Jacket

that heaven had opened, that the world was hers alone....

charlotte davinson
Recycled Red Dress

...The meadow grass swished under her boots and around her long skirt. Minette was pale with a cloud of dark hair...

Secret Garden photo print
by janeheller

...She found peonies, quince, snowy phlox. She dug up two small rosebushes, one with tea-scented flowers, the other reminded her of the scent of burned sugar...

Red Garden painting

by ranzangel

...Emily took only scented plants, specimens that  announced themselves with their odor.
image created by Andrea Rossi

 Each flower would be part of a blind man's garden, a thicket of fragrance in which the poorest weed might be miraculous...


  1. red is really the trend! even though i don't really like the color, i'm gonna try some piece of red clothing soon ;)


  2. The recycled red dress is perfection! You pull images and styles together so well. ;)


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