Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ray LaMontagne concert

 This is Ray LaMontagne.

These are the best of the photos,
 we got, of his show.

It was difficult to see,
 around all the people.

Due to the Texas Droughts 2011,
 there were recent Austin Wildfires.

To prevent fires, there was a smoking ban, at the music festival.

Do you think the ban stopped people from smoking?


What do you think of this outfit?

 Would you wear it?


  1. ohh wow ted! like the new layout!!
    festivals are so much fun, looks like you have a great time!!

    i'd wear that outfit if i was seriously intoxicated or attending a dress up aha



  2. Ok, I wanna be real life friends with you & go to all these amazing concerts! :)
    Lucky girl, I love him!

  3. I love the new layout! Looks very profesional! xx

  4. i would not wear that. even if it were halloween. sorry! lol. i JUSt moved out of texas so im glad to say that im away from the heat and droughts! but i just barely missed it all by moving at the end of june!

    sharde @ the style projects

  5. I love the new layout, too! It looks like a calendar. For some reason, though, I can only see one photo. I can't see the outfit. :/ I'll try again later and see if they show up.

    I hope you had a good time! Music festivals are probably my favourite thing in the world ... I just don't go to as many as I'd like. ;)

  6. Aww! Looks fun! Love your blog! Have a wonderful weekend!


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