Monday, September 26, 2011

crumbs bake shop & cupcakes

While in New York, we searched for this place called Crumbs.

We wandered around I don't know how many blocks in circles, lost before we gave up.

We found the shop, two days later, our way to somewhere else.
They told me they make their muffins with yogurt, instead of the oil they use in the cupcakes.  

I got a blueberry muffin, a chocolate muffin with chocolate chips,
& a chocolate croissant.

She got these cupcakes. 

Also, the muffins don't have icing.
I was happy with my choice. 

These photos were taken in different sweet shops in NYC.

I think my friend is on a cupcake quest.

I'm not too far behind her.
Remember my own cupcake love shown here?
How cute is the Crumbs door handle?

Here's a 43 second video/song.

Do you prefer cupcakes or muffins?


  1. I think I like to look cupcakes because they look so pretty but I prefer muffins they are a bit more ugly looking but I love the taste!

  2. Either's great but neither compares to the cake slices, they look amazing!!

  3. Cupcakes or muffins??? That's like choosing your favorite child. That video is so cute!!! Looks like you had loads of sugary fun!

  4. I could have given you a million suggestions for desserts, especially cupcakes! I have such a sweet tooth!

  5. Thank you! OMG these food pictures are making me starving. I am a sucker for cupcakes, but I rather have muffins. MMMMM blueberry.


  6. I vote for cupcakes!
    Even cupcakes and muffin have the same taste, I still vote for cupcakes cuz the whole look attracting and sweet!

    Warm Love,
    Pinkie Anggia

  7. Cupcakes or muffins? It's like trying to divide by zero!

  8. Oh hahah! That's too bad you got lost...I could have told you exactly where it is. That place is right by my apartment. I purposely NEVER go there or I'll get addicted. Glad you found it ;)

  9. Thank you for your comment darling :) I feel really happy to go there, I google things to do all the time now :)

    I prefer cupcakes, a muffin is only like a half cupcake!

    /S / http://


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