Monday, September 26, 2011

social distortion concert

We went to Austin City Limits Music Festival a week ago.

This is the band Social Distortion.
They're an old school punk band.
The lead singer Mike Ness is funny.
He told a lot of jokes between songs. 

He asked if people even still buy cd's anymore.

My husband wanted to know what the deal was with the sudden back up singers, onstage, for the songs from the new album.

We didn't take photos of the back-up singers.

I want people to do their own thing,
back-up singers?

That just doesn't seem very punk rock to me.

Get an image of punk rock in your mind.

If you need help, look at our old Halloween costumes  here.

 Okay maybe that made things worse.

Social Distortion  
was my favorite performance that day/night. They can leave the back-up singers at home.

 Below, is a scene from the movie Another State of Mind/ A Punk Documentary. The blue is an actual link to the whole flick.

 This is the scene when 
Mike Ness explains the song Another State of Mind.

Look at how young he was in 1984.

In this scene above. He's getting his hair, & make-up ready. He calls it a sympathetic look.

I like this movie so much! The 1st time I watched it, I watched it again, the next day, with all the commentaries. Haven't you done that with a movie you liked?


  1. Yes! I always watch movies again after I've just seen them! The concert looks cool, even know I am not into punk. I watched the make up video,"most guys don't know how to wear makeup." ha ha ha, he's got that right. I think it's good he doesn't care what other people think.

  2. never knew before that austin is full of many talented musical souls. wish i could visit the city one day, and would love to be a part of such great fest!



  3. My friend really likes this band... Or maybe I'm confusing them with broken social scene???

    hardly anyone buys CDs anymore... But my bf does! He loves them and his car is over flowing with CDs!

  4. Hello!!!!!!!11 The back up singers are all over. Really can't find one who sings nice acapella!1 There are but few of them exist!. 2 years ago I went on Scorpions concert here in Greece and Claus was singing live!! That's why I like them they are so many years and still singing live!!!!!!
    I'm a new follower of you
    you may follow me back if you want to

  5. they look cool indeed, thanks for the comment! <3

  6. I am SO jealous of you right now...!
    Sounds like an amazing time! :)

  7. Wow a really great music festival, I'm sure you had a lot of fun, isn't it?
    Come and visit my blog, and if you like it, follow me, I'll be waiting for you!

    Cosa mi metto???

  8. I really like this band. :D

    Nice blog you have.

  9. Hey, I just bumped into your blog and really love it. Im so happy I discovered it. YOu have great style and are super inspiring. I follow you now and am a big fan. If you get a chance pop up by my blog
    xoxo Tamara


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