Monday, August 16, 2010

A and A's wedding day

N made homemade snicker doodle cookies, which i willing passed around to everyone. we had to be there early for pictures, so it was a long day.mamacita sewed her jacket, the boy's pants, and made her jewelry. it was a sweet wedding. normally these type of events make me gag. when i walked in all dressed in black R asked if i was going to a wedding or a funeral. i said aren't they the same thing? (hee-hee). but seriously A and A looked so delightfully happy. i cried when she was walking down the aisle.
the desserts were divine! there were chocolate covered strawberries, mini apple pie bars, hello dolly cookies, blueberry cheesecakes, chocolate frosted custard filled pastries, mini key lime pies with graham cracker crusts, and mini strawberry mousse with oreo crusts. red vines licorice, tootsie rolls, hershey kisses, various candies with pink lemonaide. plus wedding white wedding cake with strawberry filling. they served a luncheon too. no i didn't eat all that food. i only sampled bites. also how cute was the place and the decorations! the music was mostly country. i also heard edwin mccain and michael bolton, (no comment).

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