Sunday, August 1, 2010

roller derby duh

last night we went to the roller derby which was not nearly as fun as we'd thought it would be. first off there was no place to sit. i mean seriously, we were searching, and we ended up on aisle steps, fire hazard anyone? the bleachers were extremely uncomfortable, giving us ouchy behinds. i didn't felt ill, and we couldn't even see the game. not that we knew or understood what was going on anyway, but still. it was better when people left, and we got to take their spots. there was no air conditioning, hello we live in texas, and it's summer! why were the beer drafts $1.00 but water was $2.00. are we trying to promote alcoholism people? the announcer joked that if someone bumped into and you spilled your drink it was alcohol abuse. it was good to actually hang with my girl from out of town, who hadn't seen in ages. we played fake or real. you guess the rules of that game. the names of the derby girls were hilarious. here are some of my favs: JackElation, Juicy Cherry, Sweet Baby Jane, Nine Inch Erection, Mojo Jo Jo, Wreckin Ball, Go Go Ballistic, Miley Virus, DixieNormous, Rumble Kitty, Jamie Lee Hurtus, and Amazon Assassin. One team was called Suicide Shifters . Some people had signs that said "Eat Shift." how sweet is little one shy shy? she is the same age of the children my girl takes care of at work. so i've been to the roller derby. now i never have to go again.

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