Friday, August 20, 2010

movie i really liked

when asked what the word home means to her one little girl said, i don't know. one child wished for a house that summer. if you could wish for something what would you wish for? one boy said, a life do over. where are you living? one girl said, nowhere. do you have anything to look forward to? no, she answered. do you have anything to be excited about? nothing, nothing at all. they attended a school called hope. one girl had a sick stomach, but when she called her dad to pick her up, he didn't have gas money to drive to the school. her mom didn't have enough money to take the bus either. so the little girl had to wait for the school bus to take her home around 5 PM. the kids knew gang signs, gun shootings, and drugs all around them. just because of where they were, not because their families used or anything.

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  1. My mom told me about these kids... It breaks my heart to see so many kids (living in our own countries) who are living in such dire poverty. It makes you appreciate your life and it reminds you that you could do so much more to help change this. Thank-you for reminding me of this Teddi. It's time I step it up a notch. You are such a gentle soul.

    Love Danielle xo


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