Saturday, March 10, 2012

checkered brown

 Or in other words, things I adore, that are brown plaid. 

I can't decide if I like her pants,
 the most, or that bow belt.

JK2 Plaid Pants
I like this necklace.
RePurposed Fabric Beaded Necklace

Nice studded details on the sleeve cuffs & collar.
Why do they call this a shirt?
Isn't it a dress?

Studded Plaid Shirt

Comfortable looking & cute shoes.
Roxy Shipwreck Bootie
Sweet girly necklace.
Book Page Brown Plaid Necklace

Now here's some photos of my nephew
wearing brown plaid. 

 To see what plaid shirt my nephew wore for his
 1st birthday photos, a year ago, look here.

To see my nephew wearing another plaid shirt
in 2011, look here.

 To see photos of my nephew running around his house, in a different plaid shirt, & diaper, look here. 

I really do LOVE this little boy.  :)

 Do you remember my old November post,
 of plaid lovelies seen 


  1. Eh personally I don't really like those pants

  2. Aww your nephew has such a great smile- what a cutie! I love the first outfit- those pants are amazing!!! P.S. No I didn't paint the canvas (I wish!) I bought it for $30 at a local boutique!

  3. I love the pants in the 1st picture!! and your nephew is just SO adorable =)

  4. Lovely post! Check my blog and follow me if you want :X

  5. Ah your nephew looks so smart in brown plaid! I never usually wear it but I like it on others, and I'd say that shirt is a shirt dress, but definitely not just a shirt! xx

  6. I love plaid is such a traditional fabric, love the pants inthe first photo :)

  7. I don't like the pants (or any other checkered pants) but I would definitely wear that shirt/dress. this looks really cute and kind of country'ish at the same time.

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  8. i need ALL fo this post, even your nephew!


  9. so cute, btw i like that necklace

  10. i love plaid! i just pulled out a pair of plaid pants i thrifted before i got preggo. your nephew is adorable! i have some cute plaid shorts for Bucket!!!

  11. Love plaid! Those trousers and that cute flower necklace are so pretty!


  12. your nephew is so cute! :)


  13. Hello dear Ted! I love plaid! ... I lost count of how many clothes I am a collector, because grunge, punk because, because of cowntry, because of everything ... I love plaid! Beautiful Kiss !

  14. I like plaid.. but more in a kurt cobain style kind of way...
    thanks for your comment on INCOGNITO's blog about the interview.. I appreciate your words girl.. stay cool!!

  15. I really like this post. Checkered brown! You're funny. I also never had a desire for plaid pants until I saw the photo you posted. Now I have one more thing to look for the next time I go thrifting! Next up for me is ebay!

  16. Your nephew is adorable, he really rocked the plaid shirt ;)

  17. I'm pretty sure your nephew's shirt is the coolest (or at least, best modeled) piece here, but I really like 'em all! Each piece is really unique - I'd buy the beads in a heartbeat. ;)

  18. OMG, I love little children in preppy clothes. Your nephew is cute as a button. I'm thinking you could recreate a bow belt with some ribbon and a pin in a bow shape?


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