Sunday, February 27, 2011

like a crack fix

Here's the latest pix of my nephew! Who apparently said "Ma" for the first time yesterday.

Apparently this riding lawn mower is just like his daddy's except it blows bubbles from behind. Just like something else. Get what I'm saying? Oh, and what tickles me to pieces, is the giant bag of dog food in front of the stove.

Somebody special is walking around everywhere. In this pic he's wearing some guitar clothes someone bought him or something.

Hey there another plaid shirt from the masses. Well if anybody can pull it off, this little guy can.

I'm thinking he's rocking the Mark Hoppus hair from Blink 182.

I asked if he was in trouble since he was sitting in the corner, and I was told "no way".

I think he's just too cute for trouble, but we'll see.

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