Tuesday, March 20, 2012


 Whether I'm stylish or style-less,
thank you Aimee, for the Stylish Blogger Award.

This is what my nails look like right now.
I painted them on Saturday or Sunday.

My brother gave this purse to me.
He won it as gag gift, 
at a Christmas Party.  
He knew I would like it,
& he was right.

A 1st grader made me this bracelet.
I think it was during the 2006 school year.

Whenever children make or give me something,
I write thank you notes.

I am donating these shoes.
I wore them, briefly, on Sunday.
Now I know why I don't ever wear them.
They are uncomfortable. :P
I can feel the ground beneath my feet.

I've had this skirt for months,
and I have never worn it.

I really do like it.
I plan to wear it in an outfit sometime, soon.

You may know that my friend made me this jewelry box,
but did you know she also made this teddy bear blanket?

It's on my bed. 
I really do have some creative people in my life.

These are my really old, teddy bear pajamas.
We had a tornado warning last night.
Yes, it's officially spring in Texas.

This is my guy's coffee cup, for today.
I painted this for him, in 2009.

This is the bottom of the cup.
I don't like coffee.

This photo, of my nephew hugging his dog,
is my computer wallpaper.

His dog's name is Gracie.
Can you see my nephew's car stuff?
I took this photo in February. 

The band INXS reminds my husband of his sister.
They were her favorite band.
She died in 1989.

Golden Playpen by INXS
Not worried--chair dancing man...

..You see the street ahead

Just keep walking down it
Look straight ahead...  

Did you notice the red & gold theme?


  1. You are totally stylish. I love your nails. And the picture of your nephew and his dog is just too cute. Love it.

  2. i love reading these little quips about you! your nephew is adorable and your nails are pretty fantastic!

  3. of course I did since golden shades are really popular these days and I got a golden blouse for myself some time ago. btw, those golden shoes look spectacular! if I saw them somewhere in the store I would probably grab them, hehe.
    and I'm glad to see you don't like coffee! I have never tried it and I'm not going to either. I even dislike the smell :P

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  4. Your glittery nails look very pretty!

  5. Loving the sparkly nail polish and all handmade gifts - you def. know some creative people ;)

  6. I love gold stuff, which reminds me I don't wear it enough. You are very stylish, you are very unique and I love your blog posts and comments so much!

  7. I hate it when i wear shoes and i can feel the ground underneath!!! such an uncomfortable thing. guess that's why I don't wear many flats, lol. love the colour of your nail polish.


    also you always leave the such thoughtful & nice commennts on my posts & I wanted to say thank you :)

  8. How sweet, you painted your sweetie a cup! I loved your nails, and the bag, and jewellery box + blanket! And your skirt is amazing, with vivi colors, please do wear it!
    Great theme, I love red! And your nephew golding the dog is just so cute!

  9. I love the gold nails, too fun! And of course you are stylish :)


  10. hello friend Ted! The sensational pictures as always, I love things ... all that gold is gold, I would be a Cleopatra! heheheh ... the picture of the baby with the dog that there is the sweetest! * _ *

  11. So sweet of your brother to give
    you that purse. Brother knows your
    style :-) That's the cutest pic ever
    of your nephew hugging a dog. How old is he?

  12. Lovely post!! ;)


  13. That's too bad that those shoes are uncomfortable because they're absolutely adorable!

  14. Love your nails! And you are a super talented mug painter - reckon you could have that as a career?

  15. I used to like INXS, you know ! Teddi, love your manicure ! I had glitters since two days ago and I love them but it takes so long to take that nail polish off my nails, LOL ! Enjoy them ! Love the golden tones in this post ! Many kisses my friend :-)

    Fashion and Cookies
    My Twitter

  16. That photo of your nephew is the best pic ever totally wallpaper material! so cute! 2 of the sweetest thing in the world dogs and babies :)

  17. I love the gold bag also! But oh my gosh a tornado warning!? I couldn't even imagine!


  18. dear tessi.. haven't i told you how stylish you are!! come on! of course you have a unique style!! congrats on your well-deserved award :)


    ps. i love the golden flats

  19. What a good way to do a facts-about-you post! Your nephew is the cutest!

  20. I love how random this post is yet me learn so much about you (and no I didn't notice the red & gold theme- doh!) I hate when flats feel like you're walking on the ground and how great is that red stripey skirt- you will look fab in it!

  21. nice nail polish, bag & shoes. Congratulations for your newest award Teddi!

    And I wanna kiss your nephew, he's so adorable! ^_^

  22. You are so friggin' stylish, Teddi! Have you been in a lot of tornadoes? My mom was in one once and tells me about it sometimes. Tell your friend that the jewelry box is gorgeous!

  23. Lovely blog.

  24. great pictures..love ur nails.... nice blog dear if u like mine too may be v can follow each other http://lets-doll-up.blogspot.com/

    A giveaway on ma blog too

  25. Your nails are gorgeous, I like the sparkly color. That jewelry box that your friend made for you is so pretty...I like handmade things. I like the sparkly shoes too. I think it will look great with your red striped skirt


  26. Nice blog. Want to follow each other?*

  27. Congrats on the award and your nails look amazing!


  28. i love the gold shoes and the nails, WOW! fab. the bracelet is sooo sweet and i LOVE INXS, but sorry to hear about your hubby's sis.


  29. Your nails look great! The bag on your bed is amazing! And that skirt you haven't worn yet...it looks perfect for nowadays, throw it on already!!!!

  30. The photo of your nephew captures a moment of pure and utter joy. How precious. My bf just melts around dogs; I'll have to show him this shot.

  31. the lace eskirt is amazing - love the dog ;)
    x the cookies

  32. Diggin the metallics, and I love INXS :-)

    Runaway Thrift is having a giveaway through March 29th, check us out!


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