Thursday, March 8, 2012

tell myself

Today is Thursdays are for Thrifters.
I'm linking up to the blog Brass In Pocket.
My boots are thrifted. 

..."The gentle sweet singing
of leaves in the wind...

My skirt is thrifted. 

...Wild man's world is crying in pain,

Whatcha gonna do when everybody's insane?
I'm trying to show you I'm wearing 2 layers of tights.
A blue pair of tights on the bottom.
Then the coral stripe tights are on the top.
I'm showing the flower embroidery on the tank top,
and the little pocket detail on the skirt.

So afraid of wonder,

So afraid of you, 
What you gonna do?...

...I was a willow last night in my dream,

I bent down over a clear running stream,
I sang you the song that I heard up above".
Heart- Crazy On You

I'm girl crushing on Nancy Wilson. I want to play guitar like her, plus she's smoking hot. Her sister Ann Wilson has some major pipes. If only I could sing.
If you decide to watch the video, notice the male guitarist, (I'm pretty sure it's Roger Fisher), he's wearing white. I was getting vibes of a Karate Kid stripper.

Did they have band stylists in 1977?


  1. wow! Teddi, you're an awesome & great thrifter! lovely finds! ;)

  2. I love what you did with the tights! I definitely want to try putting 2 pairs together. cute boots! I love thrifting :)

    The House of Shoes

  3. Blue and pink are really good combinations!

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!

  4. such cute colours! btw, I like this idea to wear two pairs of tights when one of them is rather lacy and delicate or fragile. and the weather you have there.. well, it looks wonderful! we have constantly -20 degrees in the mornings..

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  5. that girl in the video reminds me of Katy Perry.. only better music ;)

    love ur tights!!!!


  6. I was thinking the same as Teresa with the Katy Perry comment

  7. I want to wear two layers of tights. Your outfits always leave me inspired! Thanks for linking up with Thursdays are for Thrifters!
    (formerly Spunky Chateau)

  8. You are adorable....i am "crazy on you" ;)

  9. The combo of both coloured tights looks great!! And all those pastel colors.... so trendy this season!!!!

  10. cool song! stylists in 1977.. that's an interesting question and I'm going to get myself on it.. this is pretty intriguing, I'll let you know what I find out on my research ;)
    ..sure there must have been bands that had people styling up bands, but I don't think it was as major as it is now... the runaways got a lot of attention by their style when they were a band and as I've read.. each girl chose the outfit according to their personality.. they were pretty different if you take a look at photos and judge them by their outfits...
    This is fun... I'm on a new quest now.. I'll start my research...
    and thanks for your comment on my blog, I appreciate it.. always do!
    you do get the messages I try to say, or at least make me feel like it's ok to let my mind out that way... stay cool girl!

  11. Ahhh, I love the combo of striped skirt and striped tights! I've gotta try that!

  12. cute idea to layer those tights, and i'm digging the boots! it's hard to find boots with a shorter shaft height. these look perfect!


  13. boots, belt and sunnies, NEED THEM!!! love your outfit today teddi!


  14. What a cute outfit! How funky do those tights look!!! It's a lovely pastel outfit!

  15. Lovely blog.

  16. omg i love your pastel leggings! and its hard to believe that the boots are thrifted, they are too cool. you look lovely ;D <3

  17. Wow!
    Can't believe those boots are thrifted,
    they still look good and in good shape.
    Looking fabulous, darling!

    Wish you a great weekend.

  18. lovely outfit ! love the mix of stripes of the tights and skirt. The vintage video is very inspiring !!!

  19. Ted your belt is wonderful .. I want one like that for me ... I love the sun with cold ... I miss the cold!

  20. Beautiful skirt. (:

  21. Ooh, this whole outfit is so funa nd spring-y! Two pairs of tights must've been so warm!

  22. Loving your steez little lady.........come by and check out my blog and store its just up your alley........xx

  23. Oh I love all the pastels and the textures! And I layer tights sometimes too) So pretty and reminiscent of spring.


  24. So wonderfully sweet) All the pastels and the layering of tights (I do that too!). Pretty!


  25. woww.. very amazing combination color's dear !!!
    lovely and sooo great with pastels colors =)
    love that tights so badly too..

    visit mine too..
    hope we can be friend with following each other =D



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