Saturday, November 5, 2011

Plaid Beauties, & Lucero

None of these people are me.   :)

Magnificent dress, photo, styling...

Fitzgerald Dress

This is the band Lucero. What's the plaid connection? A couple of the band members were wearing plaid shirts. 

I like this little wool jacket,
Cropped Wool Jacket
With this, 
Zippered Clutch
& this, 
Super Nova Plaid Headband

This was the 2nd time, we've seen Lucero in concert.
 Our first time is shown here.
 |                                    Red plaid on stage,
                        red plaid on this page.

Amandromeda Chictopia

Whenever I think of plaid,
I think of my favorite tv show 

My So-Called Life
  Back when Soul Asylum was my favorite band, & this was my favorite album.

I think of how I worked at a clothing store back then, & I shopped in the mens section for my plaid hoodies, because it was popular to wear over-sized clothes.
plaid path chictopia
This girl, in this coat, makes me think of the mountains. My family told me the mountains were snowy this week.
Recycled Sweater Leg Warmers

I like the way leg warmers look,
but I don't know if I can wear them.

I need another coat about as much as I need something to hit me in the head.

ModCloth Aerial Coat

 The difference is, I like coats.
Things that hit me in the head are evil!

Vintage 70's Plaid Ruffled Blouse
 When I was little, I had a doll that had a turquoise dress, a turquoise hat, & turquoise shoes. I think she was a cloth faced doll, & I put make-up on her. Her hair was made of turquoise yarn, & I'm pretty sure I cut her bangs.

Alexis Mabille Fall RTW 2011
Beau Tie Headband

Plaid Ankle Boots
Womens Plaid Coat

A couple songs I really like by Lucero are this song, & this song.

Yes, I like more than two songs by them, but I've already bored you to tears. Wahhh!


  1. OMG!!! The first headband!!!! It's very beautiful! I love this post, they're all of them good ideas for me!!

    xo teddi!

  2. None of these are you because you're prettier. (:

  3. I love a touch of plaid! It's a great touch for winter looks :)

  4. Very that print!! Love Scothland!!

  5. I love the first gorgeous!

    Thank you for all the thoughtful comments on my blog. To answer your question, no I don't identify my self as a Wiccan, but I do practice what I call "eclectic paganism." I think a lot of aspects of Wicca are very beautiful, but I don't like labeling my spirituality.

    The pictures were mainly just fun for Halloween (or Samhain!) but they do have a bit of a deeper personal meaning for me.

    Are you interested in Wicca or other Pagan religions? Feel free to email me
    if you have any questions!

  6. beautiful coats... love the idea of recycled sweater leg warmers..

  7. LOL - I love that "none of these are me" comment - Yes of course we know!

    I also love plaid dearly. I think it's such a great and timeless pattern and goes pretty much with everything. Have a great weekend!

  8. Wonderful! I really love the first picture! So cute!

  9. I love plaid so much and I adore coats ! I liked Soul Asylum as well you know :) Instead I need to know more about Lucero ! Thanks for your nice comment on my blog, dear, many kisses !

    Fashion and Cookies
    My Twitter

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  11. thank you for your sweet comment dear!!
    what a great post!

  12. I heart that clutch :)
    and hope you get a coat asap
    because you must really need it to face the weather
    have a nice day :)

  13. I love this combination !:) I’m from Turkey and I really like your amazing blog & photos ! I’m followin you :) Check out me :)

    ( And you can follow me on twitter @KubilaySakarya ) Keep in touch :)

  14. thanks for introducing me!

    look at Claire Danes!!! love her :)


  15. we're f0LL0wing dear! ^_^

    keep in t0uch! ^_^

  16. Plaid and Soul Asylum! I don't think it can get much better than that! ;)

  17. i'm so in love with plaid. it's always in style!!!

  18. plaid's hot isn't it.. I'm just glad winter arrived so I can start wearing plaid.. and that photo of claire danes.. "My so-called life" gives me nostalgia!
    read all your comments on my blog, thanks so much for visiting.. you're funny haa... hope you keep in touch.. I'm sure to do so..
    stay cool!

  19. I love all the plaid stuff! The fact that we live in Texas and don't really need coats is the suckie thing about loving coats. I don't need any more coats either!


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