Monday, October 11, 2010

my grandpa

Somebody else's birthday is coming, but he's not living to celebrate it either. 

I dream about my grandpa more than I thought I would, and he calls me Sis, like he did all of us girls. I used to call him Gramps, but Grumps would probably have been more appropriate. it?
Yeah he was hard headed, but so am I.
He loved just like he played though, which was hard too. He's the one who took me for my first ride on a horse.
He took me for my first motorcycle ride too.
Yes, my grandpa owned horses, a blue Chevy pick up, and a motorcycle. 

My grandpa could sing, and tell a good dirty joke. When I got married the card he gave me was titled "The Joy of Sox" (the card was all about socks, or was it?)

 That was my grandpa buzzed haircut with bolo ties and cowboy boots or button up shirts, jeans and belt buckles, or jean overalls, work coveralls,
 and white v-necked t-shirt's. 

He ate bowls of ice cream with bananas. He liked my mom's tomato soup cake. He made hamburger gravy on toast, and called it something else. For a time, he carried his lunches to work in my Strawberry Shortcake or my brother's Empire Strikes Back lunch boxes. 
He was incredibly human with
 fallacies and all.

Do I dare say, and darn proud of it!

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