Monday, October 11, 2010

our Austin weekend

We walked up and down Congress St. We grabbed slices at Home Slice. It was nice to be in a place that catered to vegetarians, with peace signs, music playing, and inspiring art, but I'm too cheap to pay the over priced tourist trap prices they were trying to sell for vintage clothing.
wood carvings by Lisa Brawn

paintings by Karl Mullen

John Lennon's birthday was Saturday

This furniture was covered in smashed bottle caps. That's what I call recycling.

All romantic pink & shabby chic like my childhood bedroom.

This dove reminds me of my tattoo.

I liked this decorated book cover.

Nearly every house in Texas has a fireplace & our hotel room was no exception. It doesn't make sense to me either because it barely gets cold enough to ever use them. The cold places I've been don't have fireplaces. Oh sweet irony.

The kitchenette we paid for, but didn't use since we went out for our meals.

I thought this was funny.

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