Saturday, October 2, 2010

fair gag me

My friend had free tickets to the fair. I thought I would go just to see if I liked it. Well I don't. We had to be frisked with a wand before we could even enter. Apparently they are afraid everyone that comes there is some kind of criminal or something.There were police officers everywhere. When I told my guy he said it must have been the safest spot in Texas. There was fried everything for food, which I did not eat. There was fried beer, fried margaritas, fried grilled cheese, fried pizza, fried cheesecake, fried pickles, fried candy bars, fried moon pies, fried corn dogs, fried sausage on a stick, huge turkey legs..I can't remember what else. All I could smell was stinky, greasy, disgust.We had to walk way too much for me. I was extremely exhausted. I did enjoy sitting and gawking/laughing at all the crazy hairdos,outfits, graphic tattoos, couples and families that all looked the same wearing matching ensembles. We know it takes all kinds, and I saw many of them at the fair. Apparently the big deal Texas/Oklahoma rivalry football game is this weekend, and many displayed their support. Did I mention how absofreakinlutely loud it was? There were all kinds of disco and mixed rock music blaring from speakers. Add the live country bands playing at the same time as all the noisy rides were going. People were calling out for anyone to come spend money at their games. Lights flashing and it was sweaty hot. My favorite part was the face painting. Little T was supposed to be a cat, but he didn't want her to finish painting him. I'm really glad I didn't have to pay for my ticket.


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