Wednesday, October 27, 2010

swimming w los delfines

I have wanted to do this since my cousin died. 
I can't find a picture of my cousin swimming with the dolphins.
The Pacific was her favorite ocean.

I'm looking cheesy on the left.
My friend Kimmie, is on the right.
This is Kimmie.
Kimmie is on the left.
I'm on the right.

This was something to cross of my life list,
and worth every peso or penny.

I'm wearing the sunglasses.

I'm on the left, (with my swimming suit strap falling down),
Kimmie's on the right.

I can't remember this little girl's name.

I'm clapping my hands, on the far right.
We are doing some kind of hand signal,
with the dolphins, here.
I met some really cool people too,
like our cab driver, who I'll talk more about, sometime later.

In the background, the dolphin guy,
 (wearing the hat), is trying to explain something to me).

The dolphin guy, once lived in Irving, Texas,
and has a dolphin tattooed on his upper left arm.
Dolphin guy #2 who was sick.

 A grandma watched her grandson.
He was super excited before our adventure,
but less so, after he got salt water in his eyes.
The grandson is wearing the goggles.

When Kimmie asked me, what my favorite thing about the dolphins was,
 I said,

"meeting and talking to the people."


 She said,

"About the dolphins, Teddi, the dolphins!
You know the swimming where they pulled us,
the singing & making them dance,
when they flipped over us,
or kissing or touching them?"

I would be the palest, skin like a ghost, redhead.

Well meeting the people was my favorite thing! :p

This Mexican family who knew no English,
but I somehow managed to communicate with.
The madre, (mom) took our pictures, and I emailed all the ones of her girls,
 to her daughter. 

Yes, it was a good time!  :)

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