Monday, October 11, 2010

stuff happens

 We got out tickets to Austin City Limits months ago. Well we left the tickets on the fridge, but did NOT realize this until too late. We drove the 3 hrs. from the hotel to the house & 3 hrs plus back to Austin, but hit traffic. I HATE Texas traffic! We missed the show :(  We missed Austin City Limits. That was supposed to be part of my late birthday present. We got to see Band of Horses on internet while I cried my eyes out. I have been wanting to see Band of Horses forever in a day it seems like. Well I'm still waiting because I have yet to see them live. My guy felt horrible, blaming himself. I said I was just as irresponsible. So here are the bands I wanted to see most. I don't even want to talk about missing The Eagles too, got it? Just tell me I'm not dead yet, and there will be more shows to see before I die. I used to know how to play The Funeral on guitar once upon a time, but yeah that's probably a distant memory faded into black.

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