Saturday, October 2, 2010

my grumpy post

Six of my friends and I had dinner at Carino's the other night.We were supposed to talk about something specific, but we ended up talking about everything else. Including the guy at the store earlier who asked if I was over 18 to make a certain purchase. I told him I passed age 18 a long time ago. I was probably old enough to be his mom. Then he told me how old his mom is. I said I'm going to be a year older on my birthday. Then he said he thought I looked another age, he named. I said "That's over 18 though,  isn't it?" A week or two before I had a lady think I graduated from high school with her in 1984. I'm confused people. Do I look ancient or what? Make up your minds. How about you just shut the something up? Maybe I don't really want to know what you think. That's what I vote for. That it's okay to keep your opinions to yourself. How about you just ask me when the baby is due when I've never been pregnant?     :-P

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