Wednesday, September 29, 2010

anna sui 2011 spring

I looked at about 20 different spring 2011 runway collections, and this is the one I  liked. I swear Anna Sui is the designer of my heart. Notice in the final photo, how fab Anna looks, and she is not an anorexic size 0. So there :-P!


  1. I love most of this! The nude/white is much nicer than the bold floral prints, to me at least. xo

  2. Ohhh so many beautiful clothes! Can't wait for summer to wear pretty dresses.

  3. this is a lovely collection, i love how free spirited it is!

  4. Ooh lovely, I love Anna Sui, and I love her perfumes :-)
    Thanks for the link to youtube on my blog. I didn't know that song so thanks for sharing :-)


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