Monday, August 20, 2012

teacher movies

It's Inspiration Monday
When the ladies of Two Birds Boutique chose an outfit to inspire a personal look. 

Here's my version.
My floral blouse and grey tank were thrifted.

Today's outfit inspiration is:
Elizabeth Olsen
To see what others wore, look here.

My plum suede boots are thrifted.
Yes, our grass is nearly dead.
That's called living in deathly hot Texas.

This is my nephew, Speed Racer
with his new baby.

He just got it last Wednesday.
His parents bought it because he's an only child,
and they wanted him to learn to be gentle with little ones smaller than he. So far, he sleeps with it, and takes it with him in the car.  :)

My twin nieces, and my nephew Baby JJ

My art journal pages from 7-9-12

It says: Sometimes it was tough to decipher between her dreams and reality. What were illusions? When was she awake?

It says: Sometimes she tried to piece it all together.
All those images, all those colors, all those words.

I recently saw the movie Teachers, from 1984,
 and I really liked it. I'd never head of  it before.

TEACHERS: Movie Trailer. Watch more top selected videos about: Ralph Macchio, Richard Mulligan

I have a thing for teacher movies. I usually love them, & they nearly always make me cry. I've been like this since I was a little girl.
When I first saw To Sir, With Love.

To see my past blog posts, that mention teacher movies, click on the links below: Connections with Dangerous MindsJack Black and School of Rock, and My love for Mona Lisa Smile.


  1. i really really like that vest a lot! such a great look. you took the inspiration look and completely made it your own!!! what great thrifted pieces!

  2. wow, all those layers (and your statement sunnies!) make a really cool outfit! I like it a lot! especially your thrifted boots, it's such a nice shade.

    btw, you asked some questions from me and here are the answers :)
    1. our Estonian winters are VERY cold and it feels so good to be in a warm, pretty humid botanical garden when it's freezing outside. so yeah, it was pretty humid and my camera lens turned hazy from time to time :P
    2. I don't have any tattoos on my legs. those are my black lace tights, I guess ;)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  3. ohhh Teddi I love the combination you made in your outfit... that kids are more beautiful every day.. big hug

  4. You look awesome! Nice blouse! The colors in your outfit go nicely with your hair. My grass is way deader than yours! And I like that story with the baby doll to teach your nephew how to be gentle with others. Sweet!

  5. Teddi I seriously busted out laughing when I watched the trailer for that movie. When that kid bit the teacher...wth. I am still laughing. I am going to watch it! I know this crap really happens at school and that it's not funny but since it is just a movie I feel ok with it. Only you could find plum gorgeous color boots at the thrift. Love your floral blouse. Thanks for the laughs, girl. needed that. dawn suitcase vignettes xo I love teacher movies of rock was one of my favorites!!!

  6. that baby doll idea is so sweet! what thoughtful parents! i love your's like feminine rocker chic!!

  7. I love the sweet faces of your nieces and nephews! Sooo sweet!
    And I go crazy for your vest (tank)!!!! I love that style!
    But this time what I most loved was the art jorunal - it so spoke to me!

  8. You took the words right out of my mouth on your To Sir With Love comment!! I had to go and buy the movie but it's in VHS. I need to find it on disc. In fact, not only do I also love teacher movies, I adore Sidney Pointier.

    Love your sunnies and you really scored on those purple boots!

  9. Lovin those purple booties!! I like what you came up with, I wasn't feeling inspired this week. I checked out your iron and wine post, you got some great photos! I don't live in slc but a little less than an hour away from there.


  10. I really like this look on you very cute. Thank you for your kind words as well.

  11. I love the floral top and the vest. Your nieces and nephews are super cute! And, I love the words on your journal. :)

    Heel in Mint

  12. Love your jacket, so amazing!:)

  13. I like your boots.
    I thought that the exposition was creepy just because of the foetus. I couldn't watch it all.

  14. Great inspiration and you look so pretty. The pics are adorable.

    <3 Marina

  15. I've never watched that movie, but I am a teacher, so now I want to watch it!
    I LOVED mona lisa smile... that's one of my favorite movies... and about your journal, those words make me feel as if you were describing me..
    thanks for the comments! :)
    that other olsen's got a cool style too doesn't she?

  16. you made me inspired! :) Awesome blog!
    mind to follow each other? Kiss:*

  17. Teddi you did a great take on the inspiration photo. I can see the inspiration, but it's got such a personal spin, and a cool downtown rocker vibe. The vest is wicked.


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