Wednesday, August 8, 2012

lounging in florida

 We just got back from our 5 day trip to Florida.
The hotel internet didn't work most of the time.
That's why I couldn't update my blog, or go online.

Me at the hotel
My shorts are thrifted

Here are some palm tree inspired fashions I like:
Vintage Palm Trees Dress

I really like the way this dress is styled.
Tropical Sun Dress
Upcycled Distressed T-Shirt

I think these shorts are so cute,
 but I could never wear them,
 because they are too short for me.

Hand Painted Cut Off Shorts

Vintage Print Blouse

Hand Painted Front and Back Black Tank

More trip photos below:

Hotel pool with ocean view
My guy
Hotel lobby
More hotel lobby
Beneath the palm trees on the hotel lounge chairs

Art journal pages
 I drew these in my in laws backyard,
back in May.
I added the paint later.

I've been up since 2:45 AM, with about an hour nap.
 I was basically dead tired when we got home.
 I'm feeling more refreshed now, though.  :)


  1. that's a nice view from the hotel. I only been to one that was right slab next to the ocean.

  2. Glad you got a nice vacation! Welcome back! Try to hang on to that lounge chair feeling as long as you can!

  3. wow, what a cool vacation! I'm sure you had so much fun there! I love the location and the surroundings.. reminds me of Crete island a little bit :P oh and all the clothes you've chosen to share with us! I just love so many (actually even too many :P) of those!

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  4. Looks like a great trip! I love the photo of you lounging and the building and ocean are soooo beautiful. Also I love the colour in your Art pages. Those two may be my favourites ever.

  5. I might cry, I wish to be inside that pool right now!!! vacations are so amazing<3

    cute shorts right there!


  6. I'm sure you had a lot of fabulous time...I mean look at those pictures :)

  7. I really like the short with the palm tree

  8. welcome back! it looks like a fantastic trip!! i love how that red dress is styled, too. i might need to steal that look!

  9. Teddi!!!!! Missed u so much!!! how r u?? hope everything is perfect!!!
    Love your pics (as ever!!) and such an amazing new for me that you have been in Florida, I love it!!! so if someday i wanna go, i know you can tell me everything!! hahahah In a few days I'm in the USA!!!

  10. Oh you lucky duck. Looks like a great time. The place is beautiful. I loved the pool and your shorts are awesome. Your art journal pages are very impressive. I edited my blog post today and gave you credit for the inspiration. I could not find the post you did so I just linked back to you...thanks again for the inspiration. dawn suitcase vignettes xo

  11. Oh, you went to Florida! How nice?!
    It's been few years already I haven't gone to
    Florida. I'm hoping to go down there this winter.
    I love all the sunny Florida photos, darling!

  12. Sounds like so much fun! I'm totally jealous. Love that vintage print blouse too..


  13. Love that ocean view lady! I'm glad you got to check out of reality for a few days. Sometimes it's nice to disconnect (:

  14. Hi Teddi! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love your blog, and I so know what you mean about hearing a song you haven't heard in a while!! I was in Florida back in June, it was wonderful. Love your art journal pages too, especially love the blind contour self portrait, I like how you left the lines and colored it in from memory...funny how much we are influenced by our experiences and those who are most familiar to us. Cheers!

  15. Fun photos Teddi! It must have been a great vacation! ヅ

  16. What a pretty hotel and how fabulous that you went on vacation!! We're hoping to do one in the fall, fingers crossed! And thank you so much for your health well wishes, hope you're having an awesome weekend!! :))

  17. Beautiful pics, Teddi ! I am glad you had fun :) we have palms here but they're not as gorgeous as the ones in Florida !
    I love your art pages, you're so talented and creative ! I am going further in my flat remodeling, we spent the weekend working in the house...can't wait to have a few days off from work !
    Lots of love and kisses ! Vale

    Fashion and Cookies

  18. Ohhh, second time I try to post a comment - it was my fault, though! I said I loved the first dress, the and painted shorts and the vintage top! The hotel lobby is great and the swimming pool too! It must have been a great time for you!!!

  19. hello dear friend Ted! Finally I'm back! \ o /
    Ted I loved your photos, relaxing at this wonderful Hotel ... the view is amazing, I am delighted with the look of the place!
    I loved the short, I want to make a well for the summer .. it's really cool! = D
    Kiss my friend!

  20. I love how you still made it your own outfit with those boots!


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