Wednesday, August 15, 2012

my fire in the light

This outfit is for Style Imitating Art.
My blouse is thrifted.

One of my best friends gave me the bracelet cuff.
It's made from a recycled record album.

Here's the art as inspiration.
From the Plains II by Georgia O'Keeffe

I actually think this top I'm wearing in the photo below matches the painting better.
I donated that blouse years ago,
 because I didn't like the fit.
This photo is from Our New Orleans Trip in the Summer of 2009.
Necklace made by my cousin
Can you see the bow in the thread? 
 sleeve details
Another photo of me wearing blouse
Our New Orleans Trip in the Summer of 2009.
I actually donated that purse, years ago, too.

My art journal pages from 7-18-12

Should I fall out of love, my fire in the light
To chase a feather in the wind
Within the glow that weaves a cloak of delight
There moves a thread that has no end.

It says: If I had an extra hour a day What would I do with it? Whatever I wanted. Probably create more, sleep more, write more, practice more. I don't know. Yes, I do. I would spend more time with my love.

Collected stamps from old mail

For many hours and days that pass ever soon

the tides have caused the flame to dim

At last the arm is straight, the hand to the loom

Is this to end or just begin?

All of my love, all of my love,
All of my love to you, now

Shadow of me and my love 
in Corpus Christi, July 2012

The cup is raised, the toast is made yet again

 One voice is clear above the din
Proud Arianne, one word, my will to sustainFor me, the cloth once more to spin

My love, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, August 2012

Yours is the cloth, mine is the hand that sews time
his is the force that lies withinOurs is the fire, all the warmth we can findHe is a feather in the wind
My love playing in the ocean, in Florida.

All of my love, all of my love,

All of my love to you, now

I get a little bit lonely,just a little, just a little,

just a little bit lonely...
All of My Love by Led Zeppelin
To see how other ladies interpreted the painting check out Vivienne from Thrifted Shift's post here. To see my other Style Imitating Art post go to Frida Outfit Challenge


  1. Just dropping by to say hello and let you know I'm thinking of you :)

  2. I didn't realize that bracelet was recycled! That's pretty cool. I also like how you found another outfit to go with the painting! Have a great day, Teddi!

  3. Love you, and your love he is a great guy. Your lucky to have him and he is equally lucky to have you my wonderful cousin.

  4. You look so pretty in these photos. An outfit from art? What a cool idea! You totally nailed it too.


  5. You are so freaking adorable and fabulous. XOXO! Love, Ann.

  6. oh, I saw that outfit of yours in Thrifted Shift blog some time ago! I like the colours and your bracelet is really cool.. so is the story behind the bracelet of course :)
    and your ocean photos are slightly driving me crazy because it looks like summer paradise and Estonian summer is gone..

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  7. beautiful outfit xx


  8. I adore the colors of your blouse, Teddi!
    and Georgia is one of my favorite artists.
    I like her paintings!

  9. these fall colors definitely suit you with your skin tone and beautiful auburn hair!

  10. you look so gorgeous and beautiful with that lovely top and earrings! the necklace made by your cousin is adorable! <3

    Letters To Juliet

  11. classy outfit! the photos are so lovely :)

    Your blog is so beautiful :)
    I really enjoy reading your posts,they're very interesting!
    I'm so excited to read more posts from you and gain more inspiration <3

    hope you have a fab day hun! ~ XO
    Chriissydollxo's Blog

  12. Gorgeous pictures Dear looks like a lot of fun

  13. Nice photos! I would love to visit New Orleans one day. (:

  14. I love the idea for this post!

  15. Hello dear Ted .. I loved your inspiration ... the colors of fire are really beautiful and the color of the clothes was great with the color of your hair! =)

  16. I love making outfits/clothes from paintings, it's the best inspiration ever ;D

  17. Love the idea of style imitating art! Fabulous! Also, you have inspired me to do something with some stamps that I have. Funny how we keep things and then forget we have them and then figure out what to do with them :) Use them in art journal, yes!

  18. lovely pics dear <3 ps: if we don't yet and do you like it we can follow each other :D

  19. I love the first top and the sleeve detail of the second.

  20. You two have travelled a lot. You're lucky to live in a country that's got some many amazing places to see.

  21. Rocket, Def Leppard! Good song. (: Oh my goodness, you look sooooooo pretty, especially in that first photo! You have a killer smile. All My Love is another brilliant song. You have SUCH good taste in music.

    May the force be with you.


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