Monday, August 13, 2012

sail on

Happy Inspiration Monday!
The ladies Nora and Megan of Two Birds Boutique
 chose an outfit to inspire a personal look.
My version of the inspired look.

"Sail on down the line
'Bout a half a mile or soAnd I don't really wanna know aWhere you're goin'

Today's inspiration is:
Jessica Biel
To see what others wore, look here.

Maybe once or twice you see
Time after time I tried a toTo hold on to what we got
But now you're goin'

My lace skirt is thrifted.

And I don't mind about the things you're gonna say...
I gave all my money and my time

I think I got my necklace at the dollar store,
several years ago.

I won these boots from LuLu's  in this giveaway from Maria at Little Tree Vintage, back in May. 

I know it's a shameBut I'm givin' you back your name, yeah, yeah
Art Journal page 8/12/12
Close up of actual lace and folded paper

Yes I'll be on my way
I won't be back to stayI guess I'll move alongI'm lookin' for a good time
My brother as an adult.

Sail on down the line

Ain't it funny how the time can go on a

Friends say they told me so

But it doesn't matter
My brother as a child.

It was plain to see that aSmall town boy like meJust a wasn't your cup of teaI was wishful thinkin'
My brother as a baby.

I gave you my heart and I tried to make you happy
And you gave me nothin' in returnYou know, it ain't so hard to say"Would you please just go away," Yeah, yeah

I've thrown away the bluesI'm tired of bein' usedI want everyone to knowI'm lookin' for a good time, good time
Oh, sail on, honeyGood times never felt so goodSail on, honeyGood times never felt so goodSail on sugarGood times never felt so good"  Sail On by The Commodores

I posted this song because it's, someone I love's, favorite song of all time, and NO I'm not talking
 about myself, for once.  ;)


  1. i feel like you win an awful lot of shoes from giveaways!! i love love love these booties!!

  2. I love your own version with the boots is kind of more bohemian! You are lucky with the giveaways ;)

  3. Great outfit inspiration from Jessica Biel, she's fab! Your look is such a great take on this look, really free-spirited and love the booties!

  4. love love love your lace skirt! so pretty :)

  5. Such a great look! And I love that skirt. ;)

    I have a statement necklace giveaway going on that I would love for you to come check out! CC's Cheap Chic

  6. I like your lace art and your lacy skirt!

  7. Love your hair, lace skirt and boots. Congrats on winning the boots..they are really cool! Beautiful song too. :)

    Heel in Mint

  8. I LOVE your outfit & your journal pages!!

  9. I was just gonna say the same thing as Victoria.. you are lucky with the giveaways, you won hers one time too, right?
    anyways.. cool boots!! I dig them a lot! and wish I could feel as that lace and cut-out paper journal page.. "healing" ,,, I'm certainly not.
    I answered each and every one of your comments on the posts :) thanks girl! you make me laugh everytime.. and I appreciate your words as usual.. you rock.. (but don't get too excited ok? :p ) xoxo

  10. I like your version of the outfits. Great boots.

  11. Please show me how to make that flower! It's such a beautiful journal page! Love it! Your lace skirt is so pretty!

  12. what a fabulous skirt this is
    i could see you styling it so many ways!
    this song is my all time favorite break up song of my high school boyfriend and i. we broke up about a million times in 4 years and this was the song i always listened too!!!!

  13. those boots you won.. I totally adore those! you're SO lucky!
    and all the nudes and browns and beige you're wearing, it's a great look for you and I like it a lot.

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  14. i like your look better! the booties gave a funkier style to the outfit<3 you sure participate in a lot of giveaways and won a lot of them too! hahah

    happy Tuesday Teddi!

  15. i like the lace journal art, but are you really surprised? Beautiful take on Two Bird's inspiration Mondays (I wonder if Nora had her baby yet) your skirt is so delicate & pretty. Awesome boots, btw, even better you won them!!

  16. Ted...i love that pics...your boots is so beautiful!! i want!! =D

  17. Your brother is almost as cute as you are :) Teddi this outfit is probably one of my favourites on you, I just love the flirty skirt and funky shoes!

  18. Your thrifted lace skirt is divine, and roughed up with the boots makes the ensemble too cool.

  19. Hello my dear, its been a while ;) And I can see you are as beautiful as always! How lucky that you won those awesome boots, they look gorgeous!

  20. Teddi my little bohemian...stopped ny to tell you how wonderful you look here and your gorg. Post on thrifted. Loved it...great colors! Dawn suitcase vignettes xo

  21. i love how you toned down your original inspiration look

  22. You look amazing! I love your outfit - the combination is very elegant, the skirt is lovely! Loved the boots too!
    And the songs and memories (your brother as a child and baby) are always so nice... you are simply great, Teddi!

  23. Teddi this is an awesome inspiration outfit. I love how you mixed textures with your gauzy lace skirt and super-cool suede booties.

  24. Nice bohemian touch on your version of this inspiration! You are such a lucky girl to have won that booties! Lovely.



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