Saturday, August 25, 2012

to a blossom world

"I love the colorful clothes she wears
And the way the sunlight plays upon
 her hair 

Jo No Fui Spring RTW 2012

I hear the sound of a gentle word

On the wind that lifts her perfume
through the air"
 Brian Wilson

Jo No Fui Spring RTW 2012
Jo No Fui Spring RTW 2012
Jo No Fui Spring RTW 2012
Jo No Fui Spring RTW 2012
These were taken at the hotel, in Fort Lauderdale.

More hotel photos

That would be me.

That would be my guy.

June art journal pages about topic ideas

I plan more in my mind,
than I actually accomplish.
Just call me the Queen of
wishes and high hopes.

When was reality a friend of mine?

The only magic in a bottle is in your head.

Says the girl with 6 bottles of perfume,
 on her dresser.


  1. What a great, unique collection! I love the blue top with the orange skirt especially.


  2. im sure you guys spend a so fun time there!!! im thinking to go to florida on thanksgiving, and as long I see your pictures, i am more convinced!!


  3. I like the quote about the magic bottle... great lyrics, runway photos, and vacation photos! Did you get to see any turtles?

  4. those runway looks are more than great. I love each and every one of those ensembles!
    and those photos of you are really good! I hope you spent nice time in that hotel :)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  5. Great post ! I love the prints of the clothes !

  6. I LOVE those photos of you-total babe!!!:)

  7. you look awesome in your bathing suit. what a lovely beach and how cool you saw a turtle nest!!! i love the bright orange and bold prints in those fashion photos!

  8. nice song!
    and journal!
    I think I plan more in my mind than I accomplish as well.. "queen of wishes".. I like that thought.
    :) take care!

  9. Ted you could kill me with this collection .... she is wonderful and tropicial.
    Ted seems that you're living a life of Queen Hotel this ... heheheh
    kiss baby!

  10. This time the collection was like created to me! I love the colors and the prints (I live prints!) Your pictures at the hotel are lovely, it must have been so relaxing there!
    What again drew my attention was your art journal... that made me think a lot... really, about life, lve, wishes... mmm... food for thought!

  11. I think at last count I had 12 bottles of perfume and I rarely wear it! You look so glamorous in your swimsuit and I love the beachy runway looks. My Mum keeps telling me to try `The Artist`s Way`and your art journal pages always inspire me!

  12. i love the orange and brown color palettes in these collections
    looks like a nice vacay and i love your journals

  13. Teddi! I'm back! haha

    love the tribal vibe in the runway pictures you featured... that is a beautiful place, was it cloudy? :(


  14. Teddi, so glad you won!! I emailed you back. I love your florida bathing suit photos. So nice to see you in your element. Those runway fashions make me want to thrift right now. dawn suitcase vignettes xo

  15. You always have the most poetic posts. Love the runway looks and the Florida photos!

  16. Thanks friend Ted ... I hope that my bad days run out soon, but sometimes it is necessary to allow sad ... = /

  17. I love the collection so bright and the prints are just fab.
    Looks like you're having fun girl and thanks for sharing with us.

    <3 Marina

  18. These collection is full of gorgeous prints and colours :)

  19. I'm giggling at you writing about things to write about...sounds like something I'd do. You have some great model poses on that beach chair, that is hot!!

  20. fantastic pics and collection <3<3

    Antonella di


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