Sunday, February 19, 2012


 ..."She did not have dresses with lace bodices or bonnets decorated with velvet ribbon;
I'm on the left, & my friend is on the right.
We met when I was 16, in drama class.

She did not own jewels or cashmere shawls...

My mom made the brocade jacket I'm wearing.
She also made my necklace & earrings.

But Louisa knew she had something far more luxurious within reach:

Metallic Brocade BOW Pumps 1960s

 a thick stack of paper and ink in a well.

Black Silk Brocade Trousers

In the quiet of the evening she could hold
 the blotched sheets in her hands 

Red Peacock Brocade Handbag

and marvel that she had once again captured
and set down in words 

Vintage STUART WEITZMAN Brocade Tapestry Boots

the thoughts and images
that careened through her mind.

1940's Vintage Brocade Platform Shoes

 There was something deliciously permanent
 about these sentences on the page. 

Jean Paul Gaultier Fall 2011 RTW
The world could take
an awful lot away from her, 

Jean Paul Gaultier Fall 2011 RTW 
but it couldn't take those words. 
Jean Paul Gaultier Fall 2011 RTW 
As long as she had her ink, her paper, 
Jean Paul Gaultier Fall 2011 RTW 
she told herself, she was content
with her lot and yearned for nothing....

Jean Paul Gaultier Fall 2011 RTW the early morning to a pale sky
 and the whispers of raindrops....

 by Kelly O'Connor McNees
...She had never been the kind of child who kept her emotions to herself. Always wanting, yearning, for some intangible thing that she could not identify or understand, let alone strain" Kelly O'Connor McNees

Here's a song I like by a band called Brocade.


  1. It's always great to see old friends.

    Your mom did a great job making your coat and jewellery

  2. friends are precious what more your friend from school. Very exquisite designs and fabrics, I have never attempt a look like this before. I like what your mom made for you -the accessories and jacket, priceless! She is so talented.

  3. So how long have you two been friends??

    That brocade vintage shoes is so adorable!

    The Sweetest Escape 

  4. you look great with the fancy blazer! your mom is very talented ;)
    and as always, I really enjoyed your fashion picks, especially the first beautiful pair of shoes.

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  5. I wish I could see better the jacket, looks really great... :)...

  6. beautiful post! teddi, have you seen the NY Fashion Week runway pictures? I like every collection, stunning!!

    happy week,

  7. Oooh you look beautiful here, love your Brocade jacket + all of the other inspirational Brocade items too, those boots are amazing!! Hope your week is lovely. xo veronika

  8. What a cool post! I love vintage brocade, especially gold. I actually have a pair of gold '50s brocade shoes, they're coming apart a bit so I can't wear them now, you've got me considering shoe repair :)

  9. its great you guys have remained friends after all these years. It's crazy how well people know you after 10, 15, 20 + years!! I have a few friends like that. isn't it fun to look through old photo albums and laugh over all the memories?

    Em K

  10. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this fabric. Not on everything, but I like it on shoes and dresses.

  11. You look amazing. :)

  12. im totally freake out (is that how u say?? hahaha) about your drawings!!!! you're an artist!!!


  13. I've never heard of Brocade before but I really like the song you included, I love that kind of music though.

    Your mum seems really creative, your jacket is lovely! I also really love the brocade bow pumps xx

  14. That red handbag is awesome looking!

  15. Wow what a beautiful jacket- I can't believe your Mum made it! It's so wonderful to have life-long friends, they're always there for you!

    P.S. The nail polish is a new shade by Revlon called "Dreamer". I always write the name of my nail polish with the clothing brands I'm wearing (usually last line) since I love nail polish so much :)

  16. That band sounded pretty good for a live act.

  17. 'The world could take an awful lot away from her / But it couldn't take those words.' - Love that line!

    I'm smitten with the brocade pants you show in this post. I always have to ask if things are work-appropriate and those totally would be! They would be easy to wear than a bright pattern, too.

  18. I love brocade! What an amazing pair of boots! Your jacket is also fantastic!
    I have some brocade items... but I have a story about brocade.
    The mother of a friend of mine had her amazing wedding gown in brocade. The daughter (my friend) was about to get married and asked her mom to give her the dress - she would restyle it.
    As soon as the daughter asked it, she transformed her wedding dress into cushions.
    She said she wasn't happy in her marriage and she didn't want to think her daughter would be, by wearing tha dress (superstition).
    Pure superstirion, yes. My friend wasn't very lucky in her love life either... :(
    But the story remained in my mind!

  19. i am loving your jacket! and those boots!

  20. Wow! Jean Paul's collection is so cool! Love his classic edge.

  21. "The world could take an awful lot away from her, but it couldn't take those words" - beautiful! It must've been fun growin' up with a mom that sews. :)

  22. I loved Jean Paul Gaultier's collection... Amy Winehouse inspired.. I miss her!


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