Thursday, February 23, 2012


Sometimes I like to ask strangers
 if I can photograph  their style.

Woman in front of shopping center.
Woman in restaurant. 
Cute skirt & bracelets of woman at family gathering, after funeral.
Here's her whole outfit.  :)

Sometimes I photograph the style details of a friend.

My friend's pretty butterfly brooch.
My friend's peacock bracelet.
My friend's purse.
My friend Kimmie's whole outfit.

Sometimes I like to take photos
of cute decorations, I see in a store.

This was before Valentine's Day.
A close up of the balloons.
A close up of the flowers hanging upside down.

Sometimes I like to show the world
 how cute my nieces are. 

My niece lil bug likes apples.
This is my niece lil bug posing.

This is her twin sister, my niece EJ.
She's looking at herself, in the mirror.
I handed EJ the yellow pick.
She immediately knew to comb her hair with it.
EJ was squealing "Baby."
At the baby in the mirror.
I don't know if she knew the baby was her.

Sometimes Michael Franti is good for my soul.
"Sometimes, I feel like I can do anything and
Sometimes, I'm so alive, so alive
Sometimes, I feel like I can zoom 'cross the sky and
Sometimes, I wanna cry
Sometimes, yeah love never stop now
Sometimes, my love will never stop now
Sometimes, yeah love never stop now
Sometimes, my love will always shine"...

...Peace to the people who be losin' their head
Peace to the people who be needin' a bed
Love to the people who be feelin' alone
Spreadin' love upon the microphone
Hope to the people who be feelin' down
Smile to the people who be wearin' a frown
Faith to the people who be seekin' the truth y'all
All of the time and I say
 "...Sometimes by Michael Franti


  1. I love that post! so cute and heartwarming. and the photos of all the details, especially the jewellery, are great!

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  2. have a lot of pictures in your phone (?) that are not "you". You must be a very people loving person and a good friend. It's a cute idea to photograph people's style for reference. I haven't tried that before. So you actually asked them for permission first?


  3. lovely photographs, I seeing what you post and the variety each post contains.

  4. Hello dear Ted! How long! I loved all the photos, is a strong trend ~ ence here in the U.S., using dry hair colored, I learned that in LA .. it uses a lot! I love!

  5. Sometimes...I love this post and all the outfit photos, decor photos and especially the photos of your adorable niece saying 'baby' in the mirror! :)

  6. I have never actually photographed anyone else's style. Well, not with permission. I have taken stalker photos.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  7. Your nieces are so beautiful!
    Hehehe I wanna pinch their cheeks!

  8. Such a cute set of pictures! I love all the details in the various outfits. I wish I was daring enough to ask strangers if I could take pictures of their incredible fashion... hehe :)

  9. your niece is adorableeeee.... ohhh make my want to hug her... so cute

  10. your nieces steal my heart every time i see them, how cute they are!!! i've posted some picures of my bday )wel,, three, just blowing the candles & skating), i don't have anymore, i think... i'm still waiting for carnival pictures.... i'm impatient! hahaha

  11. nice i like your skirt and bracelets

  12. That's a nice looking V-day display that store had.

  13. Loved the "Sometimes" lines, amazing! Your nieces are really soooo cute! I loved the hair of the woman at the restaurant! And your friend's purse!!!

  14. i also love to take random photos! your niece is so cute. the lady's hair on first picture is cool <33

  15. Hello dear Ted! Always love your comments, they became instrumental in my blog = D. ...
    Today I'm not very good ... I was a little nervous about some things .... anyway ... Ted has a excelnte weekend ... until a friend!

  16. I like your friends purse leather stuff always looks nice!

  17. well, im not a very "cake lover", but have to admit, that the one buyed by my friends was delicious!!! but i don't know exactly the name, or the ingredientes, it had lots and lots of chocolate, sponge cake, d'u say this at this way?? hahaha and chocolate! yummmmmmy!



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