Wednesday, February 8, 2012

sweet sixteen

A couple weeks ago, my friend's daughter, had a sweet 16 birthday party.
This is what I wore. 

My friend, & her daughter.
I didn't take this photo.
 I stole it off her facebook.
My blouse is thrifted.
One layer of cake was Italian white wedding cake,
or some weird name like that.
The other layer was yellow cake.
Yes I sampled them both, & they were good.
No, I didn't  take this photo either.
My purse is thrifted.

This photo too, was stolen off facebook.

The earrings I wore, were made by my mom,
when she visited Texas, a few years ago.
I'm so NOT 16, anymore.
Close up print of blouse.

 Once upon a time, I was 16. My best friend bought me a bouquet of balloons.
 Have I told you this story before? 
I can't remember. I haven't been 16 for a long time, & I forget things.
Close up of the boots. 

The balloon bouquet my friend bought, my 16 year old self, was so big I couldn't stuff it in my locker.

I was so embarrassed because I had to carry my balloon bouquet from class to class. There was this big heart shaped one that said "Sweet Sixteen" on it. Everybody, including the teachers, had to make some comment about sweet sixteen & never been kissed.

I was blushing red the whole day, from being teased. 
I actually took this photo.

 Then during lunch my friends surprised me by taking me to a pizza place. My mom had ordered & paid for the pizza. No, my mom wasn't there.
That was a very thoughtful thing for her to do. I still have the paper place mat.

I also still remember one of the girls saying
"Why aren't there any guys here?" 

Let's just say I was kind of intimidating, 
especially to boys that liked me. I wasn't very nice.
How do I know this? I've reread my high school journals. It's funny how we think we remember something one way, then we learn we might have been wrong, or perhaps mistaken. 
Not that I ever am.  ;)


  1. I didn't have cake for my birthday way back in December and I'm still sore about that. That cake looks yum!

  2. oh my, that cake looks gorgeous! and I really like your pink blouse - such a cute colour :)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  3. I love reading through my old school notebooks and year books to see how I was back then! I hope that your friend's daughter had a lovely birthday! x

  4. hahahaha i used to hate receiving big balloons at school!!! those earrings you mom made are so cute<3

    happy thursday Teddi!

  5. happy sweet 16 to your daughter teds!


  6. That was so sweet, the sweet 16 party of your friend's daughter and yours too!
    I loved the blouse, earrings (wow!), purse and the boots are goooorgeous!
    The pizza party must have been nice! I told you, I really like the way you write and tell us your memories!

  7. Awww, a sweet sixteen party!!! I always wanted one of those. ;) Killer boots!

  8. I was sixteen seven years ago. :(

  9. oh to be 16 again. the cake looks amazing!

  10. I really like your music taste. Thank you for the comment on my blog it means so much to me that you leave your thoughts and read, have a great day,

  11. In Mexico we do this party at 15 instead 16 and my family did a surprise party :) but I wasn't into the big parties I was kindod shy :)

  12. When I turned 16 I had a huge nerdy computer party lol.

  13. Love your boots! =)

  14. aww sweet 16 love your blog and outfit too. the pink colour make me want valentine day faster. hihi

    follow me if you love and i'll follow back

  15. What a sweet story- I actually can't remember my sweet 16 at all and that was only 7 years ago -eeek I don't have the best memory! I love your boots paired with the pink blouse- adorable!


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