Friday, February 17, 2012

Things I dream of

I dream of finding unique handbags,
 at the thrift store.

Colours Embroidery Purse
Leather Purse made from recycled skirt & belt 

    I dream of a flow-y pink blouse. 

1970's Blouse


I dream of a pair of leopard print shoes.
Vintage Ankle Boots

My art journal pages of things I dream of:
The whole page flipped open.
Close up of top page.

I dream of drawing better than I do right now.

I dream of mountains. 
A mountain view around the corner,
where I used to live.
I dream of  flowers. 
I dream of 
We used to live by a cemetery that I would go walking in.

I dream of perfect hair, stars,
moon, rainbows,
Beauty in Everything

I dream of warm weather sunshine,
Me and my guy at the park.

 & free  outdoor concerts, rip shredding on my guitar, being strong, & healthy, finding pants that fit, a new guitar,
Paul Reed Smith Guitar
 I dream of  sparkles, & pretty things.
Binetti 2011 Fall RTW
Binetti 2011 Fall RTW
Givenchy 2011 Fall RTW

I dream of peace & colors.
Singleton Hippie Art
"For a good time, 
follow me"
she whispered,
spinning on her heels,
leaving swirly, twirly
psychedelic pixie dust trails
in her shadow.

And he did..."

Words and Artwork (c) Singleton 2010


  1. this is a beautiful post. I found some nice inspiration from here and really enjoyed all the photos.
    the places where you previously lived are amazingly picturesque btw. you should share more photos of those :)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  2. I like what you like...I always wanted to keep an art journal but the sprit is willing the flesh is weak. It will be time consuming. But there are simply too many other things I want to do. I like the recycled bag too.


  3. awww love this post!!! ant totally in love with your belt!!!


  4. I only wish I could draw as well as you do Teddi! Your art journal is especially lovely and I LOVE the leopard print booties!

  5. Ted loved everything! But I would like to have a pair of boots leopard! I love this Givenchy collection ... and liked the pictures of landscapes!

    PS:Ted has not been to Japan. Maybe one day .... kiss!

  6. Such a lovely post. :3

  7. Such an INSPIRING post!! Oh my!
    Lovin' those purses... :)

  8. Lovely post. I'm dreaming of summer myself - especially outdoor concerts. They're my favorite.

  9. Dear Teddi, this post is lovely ! You dream of very beautiful things !
    This is so inspiring, my friend, so you know how to play the guitar and you also draw so very well, you're so artistically talented, love this ! I wish I had an art journal like that one, too and I wish I could play an instrument (I can only play Guitar hero on my wii for now, LOL). I only have the leopard shoes, haha ! And I adore them to be sincere ;)
    May I add that I dream of meeting so many wonderful people I got to know thanks to blogging and you're surely one of those ! Have a wonderful weekend dear ! Kisses

    Fashion and Cookies

  10. nice great post
    love the bags

  11. great post dear, i enjoy it! and oh, your drawings are just adorable. gosh i want that vintage leopard boots, so cool. <3

  12. Hello Ted! I just came to wish a great weekend! kiss friend!

  13. You already draw really well! Those pieces of art were really lovely to look at.

    I guess I find folds of clothing nice?

  14. I love the vintage ankle boots and your drawings are amazing!


  15. You can find the coolest bags at thrift stores! I've found a bunch of sweet vintage Coach ones for cheap!!!

  16. Those are some neat looking dresses they have on.

  17. ohhh your draw is great... love you art journal... big hug Teddy

  18. are those draws yours??
    i promise that i will post pictures when i have themÇ! hahaha

  19. I love that 70s blouse... gorgeous and your drawings are AMAZING!

    Love & Lollies... Jessa

    Confessions of the Cupcake Countessa

  20. I love the paintings and the leopard shoes. This is such a lovely post.
    I would be happy if you visited my blog too and if you decide to follow - let me know! Lilly x

  21. Your a great artist and i love those boots!! Aimee

  22. So jealous of you getting to live by mountains once, must've been amazing! Great 70's blouse too :D

  23. Hey you're pretty good at drawing, good shading is never easy

  24. are you serious? is that journal really made by you? you are way more creative than i thought!!!! the pink flowy top is so cute.. GO GET IT!


  25. Hey those pics hayden took are good! love them love you glad you made it home safe and sound Love ya em

  26. I love the whimsey of your art journals. Later on, they'll serve as a nice snapshot into your life at a given point in time.

    Why oh why did you ever move away from that mountain? And PS, you do draw well, infinitely better than me at least!

  27. Gorgeous post! Your drawings are fantastic! I think a lot of people have said they dream of peace, but I know it's sincere when you say it. ;)


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