Wednesday, February 22, 2012

my white stripes

"Girl you have no faith in medicine

Oh girl you have no faith in medicine
Acetaminophen you see the medicine oh girl

Is there a way to find the cure for this
 implanted in a pill?

It’s just the name upon the bottle,
which determines if it will

Is the problem you're allergic to
 a well familiar name?

Do you have a problem with this one

if the results are the same?

Acetaminophen you see the medicine

Oh girl you have no faith in medicine... 
Well strip the bark right off a tree 
and just hand it this way

Don't even need a drink of water
 to make the headache go away?

Give me a sugar pill & watch me
 just rattle down the street"
Girl, You Have No Faith In Medicine by The White Stripes

I just saw this movie a few days ago. 
It is sooooooo good.
 In other words, I freaking LOVED it!   :)


  1. I love the stripes with the stripes. And I love the White Stripes. Basically, I approve of this post all the way around.

    I've never heard of that movie - I'll have to see if I can find it.

  2. Pretty!
    I am very much in love with black & white stripes...and The white Stripes ;)

  3. I try to take as little medicine as I can except for multivitamins and stuff. You never realize how crappy you felt until after you off the medicine!

  4. god I love the white stripes.. and loved that you matched your outfit with them !

  5. I love the white stripes and I love the white stripes! You look gorgeous. This outfit is AMAZING!!!!!!!

  6. Loving this stripe outfit my dear and the medicine lyrics that goes with it. It's a song right =)

  7. nice stripes

    and to answer your questions from my blog

    -Yeah I've never worked at a pizza place before. My cooking skills are limited to mostly frozen food that you can place on a pan at the right temp.

    -I've hit a few home runs over the years. The year I was on the diamond backs we were the season champs though we did lose the final game.

    My favorite position was pitcher but never got the chance to play it much since I wasn't the son of a coach.

    I remember in my 7th grade class the whole grade went down to the baseball field (our middle school didn't have a team for some reason...) and they made us play against another class. Only me and my best friend played it in a league, and this one idiot had popularity so he was voted to be pitcher. He did so bad that they booed him off, and I got to have a go at it.

    -and yeah everyone tells me "oh you look exactly the same as I remember you from X amount of years ago"

  8. stripes are so cool! I remember I used to absolutely dislike stripes but now I like them, especially black+white or black+dark blue, i.e. sailor style :P

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  9. okk teddi I love your cinetic outfiiit, looooveeee ittt... I wish the photos was bigger to see it better :)... nice

  10. I admire your daring. I don't think I have the guts to wear a striped dress with striped tights. Then I noticed your earrings match too. It's fun when bloggers break fashion 'rules'.

  11. Hello darling!
    I'm so glad visiting your blog again..
    sorry for my long absence as you know I was on vacation and now I'm back! Yeehaw!

    My darling, so great to your pictures. You
    looked so very happy.

  12. Loving all the stripes on stripes on stripes! Hypnotizing)


  13. i now am going to have to check this movie out.

  14. love stripes!!! they're totally in right now!!


  15. It looks like a neat movie! I'll have to see it. I saw the movie "In time" and "prestige" the other day and they were awesome more so prestige but in time was pretty neat

  16. I love stripes!!! =) and beautiful boots too!

  17. Teddi, this is an awesome outfit. I envy your slim figure and ability to wear anything. Your hair color rocks. What number is it? Need it now! I am adding you to my blogroll on my front page. Thank you for being such a great blogger friend. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo


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