Thursday, August 11, 2011

a night with friends

I'm kind of surprised
that everyone actually
let me take their picture.

Not that they had much of a choice.

 Seriously though, if I pull out my camera,

 & you tell 
me "NO!"

 I'll respect that.

Unless it's my brother. He never lets me take his picture.

Look at an old, 
June post to see my brother mad that I took his photograph.

My bro will photo cooperate,
on someone's wedding day, though.

Me & Kimmie hardly ever get our picture taken together, cause one of us is usually holding the camera. 

To see photos of us together, go
 here, here, or here.

My point is if you tell me not
to take your picture, I won't.

How precious is my friend's daughter playing her guitar?

Look at my other friend's daughter.

 She wants to be an art teacher,

like her grandma, when she grows up.

Here she is showing me a drawing
of a face. 

Tell me do you still snap photos,

when people say

Or do you put the camera away?


  1. thats very cute! family is so important <3

    check out my blog if you get a chance

    peace x

  2. thank you so very much for all of your kind words, you are very sweet!! We are actually in winter atm heading into summer so lucky us in a sense coloured tights are the perfect piece to stand out plus keep warm!! i very much am loving the neon themed colours this season!

    your posts are so cute and clever!! i look forward to some interesting reading!

    peace x

  3. my brother (and dad) are the same way! They always hate having their picture taken! Although sometimes my bro will say yes just to make crazy faces in the photos!

    to answer your question the stars did indeed play and their sound was fabulous, crystal clear & nice &loud. The only thing is they sounded exactly like their cd, which is good but sometimes it's nice to hear a little variation at a live concert :)

  4. Love the happy faces all around!

    I would snap photos secretly ONLY if I know the person wouldn't be mad even if they said no. :)

    The Cat Hag


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