Saturday, August 27, 2011

water prompt

30 Days of Lovely
photography challenge
water prompt

 My friend's son Little T playing in the water. :)

I just think this guitar that looks like ants in water, is pretty darn cool!

Ant Farm Guitar

Have you heard of this band?

We hadn't heard of them until we saw them open for
 The Airborne Toxic Event live here in Oct. 2009.

I like the embellished details on these blouses.
Earth and Water Element Blouse

Water Green Top

This crochet top is stunning & beautiful.
It reminds me of a mermaid.

"Water-nymph's nets" Crochet Lace Top

I think this a sweet little wristlet.

Drizzle Pouch
Blue Water Marble Nails Video

I like the way these nails look, but am too lazy to try this water marble technique.

Do you like fingernails painted in the water marble style?

Have you tried it yet?


  1. ohh that little boy is adorable !!!!!


  2. Thank you for your lovely comments and great tips! These pictures are very nice, the kid is so cute!

  3. Ahh! That little boy is so so cute :)

  4. Adorable pictures! Love his smile.



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