Thursday, August 25, 2011

like pollock

I took the art photos
 at the FWCAC,
last weekend.
art by Tolliver, Jr.

                             art by Tolliver, Jr.

art by Tolliver, Jr

 Cloudy Day Mini Skirt

art by Jane Helstander

 Fabric Statement Necklace 

close up of Jane Helstander's art

 Ogekko Skirt

another close up of Jane Helstander's work

 Tsumori Chisato Leopard Docking Tee

It's the Moneyart by Tolliver, Jr

       Flip Flop
       art by Tolliver, Jr

 Abstraction Mix Hand Painted Dress

     Grandma's Quilt
art by Tolliver, Jr

Dorothy Perkins Multi Print Tunic

       Inca King
     art by Tolliver, Jr

 Diane von Furstenberg Garvin Dress

    close ups of art by Tolliver, Jr

I adore this movie!

This is 1 minute of Jackson Pollock
painting, & describing his art.

How do you feel about art by

or influenced by Jackson Pollock?


  1. Cool stuff! I love Pollock!! When I worked in a bakery, someone came in for a birthday cake decorated à la Pollock. It thought it was a wicked idea!! How would you feel about following each other?

  2. Wow, I wish I could've gone to this as well! The colours are amazing. Definitely inspiring. ;) I'd buy the Jeffrey Campbell shoes and Tsumori Chisato tee if I could. ;)

  3. Love the mix of art and fashion :)

  4. So cool honey!!!The JC'shoes must be mine!

  5. amazing shows us perfectly the role of art in fashion....

  6. I love your blog, all contents are amazing <3

    follow me if you love to, and i'll follow you back :)

  7. hi lovely, your comment on my blog was featured today in my Friday post :)


  8. one of my biggest dreams is to learn how to draw. i'm fascinated by modern art, if i ever buy a house, i would fill with similar paintings!!!

    never heard of that movie!

    jos xx

  9. Wow, fab art!!Thanks for sharing....

    S x

  10. woah! I love the inspirations...and I am pretty sure I would adore it if I could get my hands on those Jeffrey Campbell booties!
    BTW, aren't you coming to visit my town soon??? when???

  11. what a greaaaattt inspirations like always... :)

    have a great weekend

  12. Pollock is wonderful! All those colors and designs. Can't get enough.


  13. lol, thanks baby girl and im sorry to say that boy in the pink jacket is not my friend. just some photo i found off of tumblr but he is so fab right?
    And i love those jeffrey campbell shoes!


  14. You have such a knack for taking something inspiring and finding clothes that go with it. I always love seeing where you'll draw your inspiration from next, be it cupcakes or modern art. I seriously want those Jeffrey Campbell paint shoes!



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