Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hiding Behind Those Eyes

My Eyes Saw You Prompt
from 30 Days of Lovely
Photography Challenge

My eyelid & eyes studies drawings.
More eyes & lips drawings.

Now, for some words
to a really old song,
 you've probably
never heard of before. 

"If a boy had a chance
a chance with someone like you

Iron Fist pumps
Iron Fist pumps

Are you gonna break his heart?
et him cry for the moon?
Iron Fist pumps
Iron Fist pumps 

Are you hiding somewhere
Behind those eyes? 
Elise Overland Snake Eyes T-shirt Dress

I just freeze
Everytime you see through me

Dog Eye Stockings

And it's all over you
Electric blue

Eyes In The Mirror Dress

On my knees
Help me, baby 

Wolf Eye Earrings

Tell me, what can I do?
Electric blue 

Cobalt Blue & Gold Bracelet

Oh, I had a dream
for a moment I believed it was true

Blue Eyes Bracelet

Oh, I'd have given anything
Just to be there with you

Pop Art Clutch

...In too deep
Standing here waiting

The Heels Have Eyes

 As I'm breaking into 
Electric blue 

Evil Eye Rhinestone Tank

I can see
can see that it may be just a vision for you
Electric blue 
On my knees
Help me, baby
Tell me what can I do?
Electric blue"
- Icehouse 


  1. Your posts are always so thought provoking for me.... I love them..
    sending you a hug today...

  2. your drawing's remind me of the aha video for "take on me"--they're really good.

    I always sucked at drawing lips and noses.

  3. Love the tights!! great drawings too. x

  4. what a great inspiration, the eye... such a creative element... love it, like always.....

  5. Your posts are always so original!!!I have to say that these images caught my eyes ;)!

  6. The photos are so cute, I am really partial to all the cute shoes! :)

    The Cat Hag

  7. Oh my gosh. Those wolf eye earrings made my own eyes bulge!! I'm going to now carefully comb through that etsy shop they are from. Your drawings are awesome, too- lips are always the most fun thing.

  8. GOSH I'm loving those eye earrings and your sketches are amazing! You're very talented.

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  9. Wow this clothing is so unique! There's something about eyes on clothes/accessories that kinda scares me though. The drawings are lovely too!


  10. I love your drawings. And all your finds are soooo great.


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