Wednesday, August 24, 2011

C is for Cookie


I know someone who stole a book like this from her high school library.

No, it wasn't me!

I bought this book from Kmart
One day I was making cookies at
 so & so's house, when I noticed the book said

"Property of _______ High." 

Imagine my shock when she told me she stole it.

 The other day, my guy made peanut butter & chocolate chip cookies.

Yes, the cookies are delicious!

  Present tense, because we haven't ate them all yet. 

 That's my teddy bear cookie jar, in case you didn't know.

When I was little, Snoopy was one of the 1st things I taught myself to draw.

If it ever got cold enough in Texas,
 I'd want to wear this scarf.

Someone should crochet a hat like this for my nephew & nieces.
I don't know how to crochet,
but their grandmas' do.

Cute wallets made out of duct tape!

I would wear this bracelet
because I have a thing for oreos!

Hello, teddy bear cookie earrings.
Big like here!   :)

What kind of cookies do you like?


  1. the oreo bracelet is so cute!! My fav cookie is gingerbread!

  2. you made me want to eat cookies, and it's late at night and i don't want to be tempted haha! my fav cookies are def those with chocolate chip!!!! so delicious which a glass of fresh milk!

    jos xx

  3. those cookies look delicious and i'm a big fan of SNOOPY!!!!!!! <3


  4. YUM!!!!!!!!! oreo bracelet haha


  5. Oh my God, peanut butter cookies are my absolute favourite! I just realized I haven't had one in years ... I should get myself a guy who makes good cookies. ;) The baby's hat is adorable! You always pick out the coolest and most unique items. :)

  6. This is not a good thing for me to read. I am trying to get in shape. Now I'm gonna go eat like seventeen cookies because of you. Thanks a lot. (It's okay, I probably would have eaten them anyway. I have no control.) Those cookies look delicious! And that is the most darling cookie jar I've ever seen! Seriously! And I would totally wear that scarf. Holy crap, I want it.



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