Sunday, November 28, 2010

Randall Yarbrough

The other day I met this artist. His name is Randall Yarbrough. He was born in Texas. He has lived in LA and New York. He once created live art in warehouses, or on the street. He painted with a troupe of performance artists that resembled a circus. He claimed that he shared with me all his secrets, but you know I won't tell.  When he was creating the pieces for the The Captivity Show he lived in the desert, at Joshua Tree. He camped there isolating himself from people, and limiting food and vices. His only focus was his art. I hope I am not misinterpreting what he told me. If I do, I apologize.
This man is the star narrative of this series.

An antique mirror, the sky background. Reflection inner and outer.

This piece shows the transition from city life to the desert.

The bear is following him. Is it figurative or literal? The bear's color takes on the mood of the man. In this piece the bear is blue. There are rocks that resemble potatoes because the man is hungry.

Here the bear is green. the man is thinking of money, and a way to use the bear to gain some.  Randall  told me that in this piece it was difficult to capture moonlight. The three objects in the center have images of eyeballs on them.

The bear is performing for money which reminds me of  a dancing monkey.  It was circus life atmosphere. The audience is nondescript, as a collective, instead of individual people. This work was fine tuned with highlights, shadows, and many hours spent.

This is Randall Yarbrough posing with his bear sculpture.

The bear appears angry with the color red, gnarling mouth, fierce teeth showing.  The only people in a circle suggesting they are captivated in a bubble.
A single red top hat. Three bears silhouetted with different  images of sky. The bear with his paw up.  Are the credit cards coming  closer or flying away? 

Is the sun rising or setting? In what once was before.

A small gold bear in the center of what suggests a red velvet curtain from the stage he performed on.

A boy and his first hunting gun.

Is it fire and smoke, as they try to cross through on a narrow branch?
The girl is named Sunny. She grew to perform in the circus. Is that her childhood dog? 

It's difficult to see here, but that is a doe with large kind looking eyes.

The sky was inspired by The Burning Man.

Is he still a child on the cusp of adolescence?
The Paper Doll series feature drawings and paintings on both sides.

Is this the front or the back?
There's a lot to look at, if you pay attention.

All I could look at were the wings.
In the center she's bare of all color.

This was K's fav piece. It reminded her of childhood. The dresses fit over the dolls' body.
A mixed media piece with oils, dye, and encaustic wax.

How would you frame this piece?

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