Sunday, November 21, 2010

cedars open studios

 I absolutely adored the recycled fused glass by the artist Brett Ellis who told me he doesn't even own a phone. My clothes smelled of the wood smoke burning. I dig on the way he had everything set up in the outdoor space. Yes, we bought some glass. It is hanging from our half moon window in our kitchen.

This is the Dallas glass artist Brett Ellis

This is the south side of Dallas.
This is explains an adventure of me and my guy.
It was so nice to see my art friends selling their work.
Art at the Hotel Gallery.
Art by my friend Rainee Carlson.
Margie Woods Brown and Rainee Carlson art collaboration.
Here's some closer shots of their art.

Here's more of Rainee's work.

Art work at the Art Hotel Gallery.

This is by Johanna Roffino-Hulsey.

Here is The Quixotic World Theatre and Magical Event Space.
Check out all the albums.

The beautiful Rainee Carlson.

Her gorgeous paintings.


Do you like the belly dancer?

The belly dancer in action. Wouldn't you totally want to have a party here?

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  1. Except for the fro on Brett Ellis - he looked like a ex-boyfriend of mine. Ha! But, I know it's not him - Mr. Trainwreck never had that sort of talent. ;)

    Great looking glass! It made me wish I could take the glass blowing class they offer at school - unfortunatly, they only allow art majors to take that course.

    As always...thanks for sharing babe!!


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