Friday, November 26, 2010

i'm gonna embarrass myself

One of my friends told me that she didn't think I had fun on my trip to Mexico.Well I did. I think I mentioned before how we had to take the shuttle everyday. If we were the only people in the shuttle, I'd often ask, "?Donde esta' la musica? 'Donde esta la guitara?" (which I hoped meant, "Where's the music? Where's the guitar?") Most of the guys would flip on a radio station, and we'd have a good time singing and dancing in the vehicle. My girl wanted to video tape me. I am so glad she didn't.  Below is one of the songs we heard.
The song is kind of funny considering we were at a hotel. No it wasn't The Holiday Inn, and  NO we did NOT invite anyone into our room!

We also heard a song by Eminem & Rihanna. So I called that driver Eminem. His friends would chuckle at this.
One of the guys I named 36 because that's how old he told us he was.
In the pool they were playing name that tune with movie soundtracks.

I was trying to explain that Will Smith's song Wild West was sampled from Stevie Wonder's song I Wish. Listen for yourself.

Let the embarrassment begin with images my friend took of me (ugh).
When we'd get into the car I'd say, "Vamonos rapidamente" (which means Hurry up let's go). Then they'd say,"Oh you speak Spanish." I'd say "un poquito" (which meant very little). But they never believed me. They all thought I knew or understood more than I did.
My girl and I were often laughing and giggling. One of the guys asked if we were laughing with him or at him. I told him always with.
That day I met some people from Jersey, California, and Philadelphia.
They had a water balloon fight in the pool, but I didn't play. I couldn't get the water into the balloon to save my life.
Every time I'd ask "?Quiere' chiclet? (which meant do you want any gum?) They'd always choose the pina colada over the other flavors. One guy asked if it was a new flavor because they hadn't heard of it there yet.
Every time they'd pass some one they knew & give the head nod. I would tease "?Que pasa?" (which means What's up?). One of the guys had to school me on the difference between que paso & que pasa. He told me paso already happened in the past. Pasa is what is going on right now. Yeah well now I know.
One day The Stones were playing in the shuttle. I said, "Me gusta Rolling Stones."  Then  later the guy saw me and said, "Rolling Stones." So then after that ,whenever I saw him, I said, "Hey Rolling Stone!".

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