Monday, November 15, 2010


A few weeks ago I saw a musical  production of Cinderella with 1st-4th graders. Some children were dressed in school uniforms. Some were simply dressed in matching t-shirts. Some kids were decked in their best fancy clothing. It was light hearted and fun, yet a traditional version of Cinderella.
I was glad I, and these children got to see it. I'm certain part of the curriculum was to be exposed, and perhaps appreciate live musical theater, as well as, how to behave in the audience. 

However, I thought about  questions one of my college teachers had always asked,whenever we worked on our student lesson plans.
What are you teaching?"           "What else might you be teaching?"
The 1st question is usually obvious. The 2nd question is the one that I really have to think about. As I was sitting there watching Cinderella, thinking about the Disney movie version.
How if a girl is pretty and happy cleaning, does what she is told, or expected of her. Has a good singing voice, nice dress, and beautiful shoes ,there is or will be, someone that loves or sees the real true beauty within her. 
She will have a magical fairy godmother looking out for her, helping her along the way, even if she doesn't have resources or money. She has to maintain an air of mystery, by not telling who she really is, or sharing her name.
 It will only take one night for Prince Charming to fall in love, and want to spend the rest of his life with her. He will search the whole country going out of his way seeking her.She will be saved from her sad desolate life by a wedding, and live in a gorgeous castle with everything she ever dreamed of.
Even the Cinderella version with Brandy and Whitney Houston that broke traditional stereotypes. Still had these same antiquated and unrealistic elements. The cinematography and costumes were fabulous.

The Ever After version with the wonderful Drew Barrymore was better. She took her destiny in her own hands.

I know childhood is wonderful time for believing in things that can't possibly be real. That's what's so special and magical about it. 

Cinderella was one of my favorite stories and movies as a little girl.I just wonder if perpetuating these stories and ideas are hurting or helping our youth and culture. Truthfully I'm not really sure myself.
While I'm doing a post about Cinderella, I had to include the 80's hair metal band. Just for fun if nothing else.

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