Thursday, November 18, 2010

art and copy

This movie made me think. I see ads in a completely new way now. Below are some quotes from the movie: 

..."I think most creative people are so da#n insecure that they want to think they know everything, but they know just deep in their hearts they're in deep trouble from the minute they get up in the morning. So, if you tell them that's the way you're supposed to be sometimes. That's kind of  liberating."...-Dan Wieden
"Creative people need this sort of duality of feeling very secure in some deep sense ...that they can be very risky and put themselves into the work."...-Dan Weiden

"It's hard work man. It's physically hard. It's mentally hard. It's a hard sell. The kind of people around with their crazy ideas."
..."These are plastic push pins, and in the wall are a 100 thousand push pins "Fail Harder." It took them 4 days and 4 nights nonstop to do this. The background is made of push pins. The easy way would be to do the lettering as push pins, and leave the wall blank. They chose the hard way. It's a perfectly  executed concept. No? I think it should be here forever. I mean it's like Babe Ruth trying to hit a home run. If you miss, you miss, but at least you swung the bat as hard as you could, you know?"...

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  1. I love that last quote in particular
    Think i'm going to have to search out this film & check it out :) x


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