Monday, November 1, 2010

me too iguana

How seriously old is this book?

young iguana
Eating breakfast outside on the resort was a very pretty sight. I nearly jumped out of my skin when I saw something crawl down a palm tree and onto the ground. My first thought was, Is that a RAT? It was an iguana. According to our waiter who told us he worked 12 hrs a day. The iguanas there varied in age between 1-10 yrs. I don't know honest he was, or if most of the stuff I heard was lost in translation. When I asked the gift shop girl how many hrs her shift was she told me only 8. The iguanas loved fruit, but did NOT appreciate my friend trying to touch or grab their tail,which she said felt spiny. Whatever fruit that we dropped or fell to the ground the iguanas would come over and eat up. The waiter fed an iguana the skin of my plum and grapes. The iguanas also ate peaches and some cactus stuff (my friend thought was kiwi, but it was way too seedy & tasted weird). Wouldn't it be wonderful to have an animal eat all the food you didn't want or need, so nothing got wasted? Please don't tell me I need a dog. 

older iguana



  1. a pig would eat all the food! im gettin one :) id also love a wee newt :) great photos!

  2. Ok - so, I understand you don't want a dog. But, does this mean you have completely ruled out the chance of getting a pet iguana?


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