Friday, April 26, 2013

more white stripes

Today my outfit is based on Style Imitating Art Challenge.That's when Salazar from 14 Shades of Grey chooses a work of art to inspire an outfit.
Here's my version of the look.
My guy said, "Do a showing off your muscles pose."
Dude, I don't have any muscles.

To see how others were inspired,
 go to:
Style Imitating Art: Superheroes.

Today's art inspiration is:
Captain America by Alex Gross

I tried to imitate the red, white, and blue, color scheme, the white stripes in my blouse and the stars in my headband.
My red tank and white striped blouse were thrifted.

Here's my brother holding my nephew Speed Racer,
who is wearing white stripes on his shirt.
In the bottom right photo, Speed Racer was celebrating Easter with his cousins.

My nephew Baby JJ has white stripes in his crib
My twin niece Lil bug has white stripes on the wall
My twin niece EJ has white stripes on the blinds.

My  art journal page from sometime this year.
I don't see a date on it.

Something about the colors, shapes, and patterns, of this paper, reminds me of my Childhood Bedroom. Which held my curtains, bedspread, and pillows, all made by my mom.

We had tickets to see the The White Stripes in concert back in 2007, but they canceled their show. So we had to get a refund.
Now the band's no longer together.  :( Boo!

The White Stripes were the the first band,
this little cousin of mine, saw in concert. Hooray!


  1. Haha Teddi you are too funny I love your poses in the first couple pics. You look really good in white! Yay for Captain America! Speed Racer is too cute and so are the rest of your nieces/nephews.

  2. I remember the old Easter times like it was yesterday. I'm glad to see overly-sugared treats and brightly colored eggs have passed on to the next generation.

  3. Hehe nice muscles!! Love your white trousers too! xx

  4. yes! I love your outfit and poses. And that headband is so cute!

  5. hehe, cool superhero poses, Teddi ;) and great interpretation too! but you're always so good at those things so I'm not surprised at all anymore. oh and I really dig those earrings you're wearing (it's not easy to be an earring addict and see all those cool earrings around you :P)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  6. I'm sorry you missed the White Stripes. I was lucky enough to catch them a few years ago at Ottawa's Bluesfest, an annual multiday concert series. I giggled at your 'muscle poses', too funny! And smiled at the photo of Baby JJ peering up from his crib.

  7. Teddi, your poses are too funny :-) White suits you so much and you'd be a perfect Captain America, female version ! ;-) Kisses my friend !

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  8. Haha I love the 1st photo! You rock ♡

    Ps: May I invite you to my giveaway? Tomorrow is the last day to enter.

    Win a $200 Amiclubwear gift card on my blog:

  9. Hello Ted! I love stripes, but I confess I never used them ... I have so many clothes with stripes.
    See your post made ​​me feel homesick them ... heheheh
    Children love the shirts! * _ *
    kiss friend!

  10. I love that top you are sporting and how fun is the inspiration picture~

  11. Hi pretty lady! i've missed you!! :)

  12. You look very powerful! I love these ideas, super heroes or art in general - where I can really wear my "closet" again, I will try to go back to twobirds and start this art challenge, sounds great! I loved your sweater and your sandals! And the nieces and nephews, for sure! I also loved White Stripes, I am always singing that "army" song, hahaha! Your art journal as usual so sweet!!!

  13. You look awesome! And I love your poses. :)

  14. Perfect spring look! So fresh and bright.


  15. i love this top! and i love that your inspiration was captain america. your poses are pretty fab as well!

  16. Ahaha, that is certainly an interesting inspiration for an outfit. You're spot on, as always, though. ;) I love all the photos of the little ones. A little kid smiling will always make me smile. :)

  17. Heh, my first thought was, this is a hard challenge, making a cape and spandex work in a everyday look is a little difficult! But nope, you have this whole thing nailed, I really like how you captured the overall look of the inspiration superhero without your outfit looking costumey at all. (I really like this shirt, the stripes have a soft, bleed out look that is really cool.)

    And I know I always say it, awwww! Your family is so cute, I always like seeing kid pictures and you have such cute nieces and nephew, they always look like they're having so much fun.


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