Tuesday, April 2, 2013

rove this

Today's inspiration monday!
That's when the ladies Nora and Megan of Two Birds Boutique
choose an outfit to inspire a look.

Here's my version of the look.
To see how others styled it,
go to:
inspiration monday: horribe marketing.

Today's inspiration is:
Alessandra Ambrosio

I don't have a dress like hers,
so I went with similar color scheme and style.
I also don't have legs like hers, obviously. 

My skirt was thrifted.
I didn't have a fringed purse,
so I wore my fringed boots.

My blouse was thrifted.
My hair looks crazy cause of the wind and hair swish.

My guy went on a hike this weekend,
and took this photo.

I know to trip is just to fall 
I used to rock it, sometimes I'd roll it
I always knew what it was for...

Natures photos by my guy.

...If we could just join handsIn fields of plenty, where heaven sent me

Another lovely photo by my guy.

I saw the kings who rule them all 
Still, by the firelight and purple moonlight,
I hear the western rivers call ...

My art journal page from March 29, 2013
inspired by artist Kimmerbee from Kim's Kreative Korner.
I paint

...Oh how I wonder, oh how I worry

And I would dearly like to know 
How all this squander of earthly plunder
will leave us anything to show 

Last month, I played The Rover by Led Zeppelin
 over and over, on my guitar.

..."And our time is flyin'
See the candle burnin' low 
Is the new world risin'
From the shambles of the old 

If we could just join hands

That's all it takes." The Rover by Led Zeppelin


  1. i love that color scheme! super cool.

  2. Well you look adorable, and I love the colors that you mixed together as well. I love your hair like that.

  3. Your outfit is pretty close to hers, both the colours and accessories. I lovelovelove this look and now I'm on a quest to track down that dress (ahem, shirt)! Love the colours - you should wear colours of the sea more often they really suit you.

  4. i like to see spring through your pictures!! and i love your take on the outfit. that color looks amazing on you! and your boots...i need!

  5. WOw, you are spot on with this outfit! You look gorgeous Teddy, so pretty and feminine! I love your guy's photos, makes me wish I'd gone for a lovely walk today!!!Your art journal is beauiful- so many colours and textures!x

  6. Your top is gorgeous!! I think I like your look better than hers!

  7. I love that colour on you, makes your pretty eyes pop!! I love your hair like that too!!

  8. I think you completely nailed this one. Your outfit is so obviously inspired by her's, you pulled in the same colors and details so well! Great job

  9. it's been awhile since I took a nature trip. Ironically there's some kind of super-garden right down the road from me. I suppose Miss Daisy will like that.

  10. Thank you dear Ted, for your message ... I was really happy to receive it ... I'll be back soon!
    I love the inspiration in blue, and I know that is one of her favorite colors, I have to say I'm in love with her ​​small boot, she's beautiful!
    I love the detailed photos of the plants that your boyfriend did! ...
    See you soon my dear!

  11. Your hair was perfect! I love pictures with wind! And you look again amazing - not only your outfit is great, but it really looks like the "inspiration one"! The boots are amaaaazing - such a coincidence, I was looking for some like yours yesterday! Guess what, I am in the town where Robert Plant used to come a lot - and loads of people here know him. For 3 years I try to see him around, and he never showed up then... :( But hope never dies!

  12. Your hair are better that Katie's :) Love the 'wooosh' of wind photo!


  13. love the blue color palette you used and honey...who in real life has actual legs like that????

  14. I have to say you did a great job making that look your own, and your boots are cuter than Alessandra's :) I am new to your blog, but I love the artistic bend, it's wonderful!


  15. What you talking about, you have SUCH amazing legs! Dude, I'm always jealous of how amazingly you pull of the short ankle boots, they always look so killer on your glams!


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