Wednesday, April 3, 2013

matisse inspired

Henri Matisse...La Musique
Henri Matisse...La Musique by bklou 

YSL Mini Dove DressModel Carla Bruni in 1998,
 peace dove dress inspired by the artist Matisse 
photo source.

Can you see how the dress is like the art below?

This is the last 5 minutes of a movie

When I saw it, I said, "Honey, you have to see this!
I swear, I've dreamt about it."

Venice Chapel planned by Henri Matisse
photo source

Do you remember when I said, If I were an object I'd be a stained glass window, in this post?
I've now decided I want to be a stained glass window
in the 
Venice Chapel.

These works of art by Henri Matisse were what
 I referenced and used as inspiration to create
my art journal page below.

This is my version of  his art.

Little me on the left with my cousins.
My little me white romper looks inspired by Matisse too. What's up with my arm and hand?
You can see my little cousin wonders too. 


  1. i love all the artwork inspirations mixed with the fashion. so much fun. the colors are so fabulous. and how cute were you?!!! i love the romper. i'd wear that now!

  2. this is so cool, i love it
    my favorite is the blue, nude

  3. ah yes Carla Bruni, even though her husband lost re-election as President of France, I can't feel bad for him.

  4. Great post!!! And u were so effin adorable when u were little(which u still are :0))) And that lil romper u are wearing..LOVE

  5. the second and the third collage/outfit - spectacular!! gosh I would totally love to own those shoes.. and other pieces too, haha. it's such a cool post overall with the whole Matisse theme. and how cute is your childhood photo, awww :)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  6. I never thought much about Matisse, but you made me fall in love. This post is perfection Teddi and I love that journal page, those outfits and little you. What a sweetie!! Cute overload!

  7. Haha your post is so refreshing and joyful! I love your matisse-inspired fashion especcially the second one because of the beautiful bracelet :) xox Conny

  8. you are too creative! i love these kinds of posts. and mini you is adorable. i kind of want an adult sized romper like yours!

  9. Ahhhh I love Matisse! And love all the inspirations you put together!

  10. I love this post and all the Matisse info ! Dear Teddi, whenever I come to your blog I always learn something new. You're such an inspiring blogger and also you are one of a kind, I really mean it ! You were so cute as a kid ! Kisses dear !

    Fashion and Cookies
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  11. im in love with how you compare outfits to artwork, and the blue nude is my favourite!

  12. Awww look at you in that romper, adorable! My Mum loves BBC & Matisse, I will have to let her know about the film! xo

  13. Ted, I have to say I loved this post, you know ... I love everything that involves art.
    I like Matisse, but I liked the inspirations!
    The colors are amazing!
    Thanks for the messages of support, and friendship ... I really feel better after all .. =)

  14. That is so cool! I love art, as you may know by now, and this post is precious! I saw you as a little girl "worried", with your hand on your head :) I loved your art journal too, as usual! That page could be frame, it inspired me so much peace! Again, I don't know why, I could only see your post with a 2 day-delay - I don't know why, but by now we know it happens, so wait for me anyway :) because I visit you!

  15. I NEED those nude heels in the blue nude collage!

    How are you Teddi! Hope all is well and that you had a great Easter!

  16. I love stained glass windows too, I could look at them for ages love the atmosphere they create, also love your collage outfits they are so lovely and colourful :)

  17. These outfits are so amazing! They're so artsy looking and stay true to their inspiration. Those shoes in the second look need to get on my feet now.

    May the force be with you.

  18. Ooooooh, the colors in the first photograph! I love that idea for an outfit, the yellow and the blue looks so amazing together but really fun and spring time-ish. I love the artistic inspiration, you have such a good eye.

  19. love it!!!
    I'm a huge matisse fan.. so much color no?... so I definitely dig it when designers get their inspiration from art pieces.. or just making collages, pairing up different pieces channeling a certain's cool inspo no?
    cool post Teddaaay'e!

  20. Loving the art mixed with fashion. I love all of the bright colors and the top two inspirations.

  21. Ooo, this post is wonderful, Teddi. There's so much to take in. I love when an artist is inspired by another artist or a particular piece of art. That dove dress is too cool.

  22. This post is truly a feast for the senses Teddi. Matisse was a wonderful artist and I like that you paid homage to him in your art journal. I think being a stained glass in a chapel is a neat notion - you would see such a range of human emotion etched on the faces of people passing through - from utter despair to sheer bliss. A friend of my parents is a stained glass artist and for my mom's birthday one year, my dad had the glass panels on either side of their front door replaced with pieces he's commissioned from the friend - blueish-purple lilies. It's one of my favourite things in the house.


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