Tuesday, April 9, 2013

all about neutrals

 Today's inspiration monday!
That's when the ladies Nora and Megan of Two Birds Boutique
choose an outfit to inspire a look.

My friend gave me my white purse.
Here's my version of the look.
To see how others styled it
go to:
inspiration monday: the eternal optimist.

Today's inspiration is:
Jessica Alba

My mom made my necklace.

My shoes were thrifted.

My blouse was thrifted.

My nephews and nieces in neutrals.

Photos by my guy of a bird in neutrals.

My art journal page from April 6, 2013
inspired by Wilna Furstenberg's Art Class
On Friday I lit vanilla candles.


  1. Oh wow, I really love your take on this outfit! (I really like the inspiration outfit for this monday, jessica a. always has the cutest looks.) Your shoes are stunning and what a sweet and kind friend to give you this gorgeous purse.

  2. those shoes are perfect for this! how fun. and your mom seems to give you the best jewelry!

  3. Oh wow, super cute shoes Teddi!


  4. good interpretation of Jessica's look
    love the shape of your bag

  5. mm, vanilla candles sound great! I love scented candles and vanilla is one of my fave scents.
    btw, your shoes are sooo awesome!! and once again you've managed to follow the original look with such cool twists. great job, Teddi!

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  6. I LOVE those thrifted heels! You and me, we're shoe gals! :) That bird photo is so adorable, your husband has talent (as do you, I always enjoy your art journal pages!)

  7. We never get interesting birds around here. Our state bird is a little bird that has a dull color.

  8. hi Ted!
    I love the neutral tones, although appearing a few times with them, but have to say I promised myself never to buy a white purse, the last one I had was so dirty ... heheheheh
    I love vanilla candles, my room smells like vanilla!

  9. I like Jessica Alba's chic style in which you totally got it on this look Teddi! Love your snakeskin shoes and bag! ^◡^


  10. You nailed the look, especially with the bag. Love the neutral theme!

  11. great look!! So in love with ur heels

  12. Lovely outfit Teddi, I especially love those thrifted shoes, amazing ! Hope you will have a great weekend my friend =) Kisses

    Fashion and Cookies
    Fashion and Cookies on Facebook

  13. Your shoes are gorgeous!! Wow. And I love those jeans on you too. Kind of sad I missed this one, it's such a great outfit!

  14. Love your blog! Maybe we could follow each other on GFC? Please leave me a comment, follow me and then I will follow you back!!! For sure!!

    Much Love

  15. Your white shirt and jacket look lovely together. White on white is a great combo, especially combined with something dark. I think your interpretation is spot on. ;)

  16. Your shoes are beautiful and make a great addition to your inspiration outfit. Well done Teddi. I actually laughed out loud at 'bird in neutrals'. He's got some pretty loud 'footwear' though! ;) A vanilla candle is the perfect scent to accompany this neutral outfit...and a reminder to me to go ahead and light the one I've got sitting on my kitchen counter!

  17. Love the shoes Teddy, such a great find!

  18. Sorry for commenting "so late"! I mean, I had to leave my notebook for repair for a whole week... I was on scheduled posts!
    Is it again my/our computers or you really didn't post since April 9th? Well, anyway you looked amazing, and I love this look - and the love for details, the shoes, with the cutouts, they do look similar to Jessica's! You are brilliant!

  19. I love white purses and I love your look! So chic!

  20. Just to tell you I passed an award to you!

  21. This might be my favourite outfit on you... it really looks... fantastic. And I love all the pieces... the jacket, shoes, purse.... You really do have a nice, large wardrobe, don't you. I'm a bit jealous of your style!


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