Friday, January 4, 2013


No, it's not snowing in Texas.
I heard it snowed here on Christmas,
but we were out of town.

I didn't realize how much I looked like a chauffeur,
 until I saw these photos.
Don't worry. I never wore this outfit in public.

I only wore this all white ensemble to mimic
 this style imitating art challenge, in November.

Here are some snowflake things I like:

Left: 1960's Gray Wool Babydoll Dress
Middle: 1960's White Enamel Snowflake Necklace
Top Right: Silver Snowflake/Water Droplet Necklace
Bottom Right: Snowflake Beaded Pendant

Left: Vintage 1970's Bell Sleeve Sweater 
Right: Snowflake Sweater Vest

Left: Snowflake Slouchy Sweater
Center/Right: Black Snowflake Tights

This is my nephew Speed Racer from November.
His mom got him dressed to play in the snow,
 but he didn't want to go, so he didn't.

NO, I don't like to see him cry.   :(

These are recent photos of my nephew Speed Racer.
What a difference a few months makes.  :)

This is my husband waving.
 He pulled our twin nieces on their sled.

My nephew Baby JJ stayed inside on the snowy day.

My guy looked happy to be out in the snow.
I stayed inside.
I'm a wimp like that.  ;)

My nieces' and my nephew's dogs playing in the snow.
My husband took these dog photos.
Yes, you can see his sense of humor.

My road trip photos from Utah

To glitter like a frosty snowflake, pristine ice crystals, frozen water, steely, melting.
Completely original, no two alike,
dissolving in the sun, sparkle fades.

There's nothing pristine, not even snow,
 definitely not me.

Frosty, on the other hand, has its moments.
Yes, sparkles can fade. And so does sun.

Every night it goes to sleep. It sets, to reappear,
like hope, and strength, 
like magic and love.

Like feeling something,
 even when things are too dark to see.

Freshly fallen snow can be like a brand new day,
a brand new year, a brand new beginning.


  1. You nailed the look of a snowflake in all white! I love those snowflake tights too. Cute photos of your nephews and neices! Were you just here in Utah? Its very snowy and cold here! It was 0 degrees when I got up this morning! That's too cold.

  2. i'm a wimp like that, too, and i live in minnesota!! baby jj is so squeezably cute!!

  3. The pictures of the dogs are so funny! Your nephew is so cute too :)



    Southern (California) Belle

  4. Fabulous photos. I've never been to Utah, but I'm a big fan of the high desert in general and think I'd very much like to go.

  5. I really miss seeing the snow fall. I don't miss the cold though.

  6. I would love to get a snow sled, but like Texas we only get it maybe once or twice a year.

  7. those boots are amazingggg! :) perfectly make your outfit, it totally works!

  8. Love the journaling and the beautiful image. Gorgeous!

  9. hahahaha Teddi, the peeing moment is priceless!!!

  10. Utah looks beautiful.. very beautiful! and this post is another such a lovely one. I just enjoyed everything about it. snowflakes, doggie humour, before and after pictures of that little guy. oh and what a crazy white look! it's like in honor of all that snow that we experience here, hehe.
    happy weekend, dear Teddi :)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  11. Love the sweater vests. Also your journal page. Thanks so muvh for your comments on my blog.

  12. Great WHITE outfit for camouflage in the snow. I love your journal page, very cool with all the script and snowflakes.

  13. Love, Love, Love the journaling! It is so really do have a talent for that. I think that this page is one of my favorites, and I love the whimsical colors. Late Merry Christmas, and happy New Year to you.

  14. I love white outfits for winter, it's so poetic ! And snowflakes are a beautiful gift from nature !
    I wish you and your lovely family a great 2013, full of love and happiness !

  15. thanks for stopping by my art blog! Love your journal pages and your style! fun photos and excellent art...

  16. All your pictures are so fun! Looks like your nieces and nephews have one awesome aunt and uncle--YOU GUYS!

    Hope your holidays were good, and Happy New Year to you, friend!

  17. Teddi, you look like the cutest snowflake fairy in that outfit ! :) I also love experimenting with clothes and I don't always wear my "creations" in public, but the most important thing is to have fun, right ?
    Kids do grow up so fastly ! Love your pics, as ever ! Many kisses my dear friend !

    Fashion and Cookies

  18. Hi Teddi,

    I just LOVE the white fishnets you were wearing. They're very cool!

    Thanks so much for the blog comments. To answer your questions, YES! I love Mixed-media girls by Suzi Blu and think it's one of the best craft books I've bought in a long time. I just sit there and practice the stuff in it for hours which to me is a sign of a decent book.

    And I love all things Julie Balzer. She doesn't waste your time but really goes deep on a topic. Do you read her blog? If you like her style you'll love her classes too. I've taken her sewing class and bought the stamp carving download and the painting over collage lesson from Interweave. Both were great and they have frequent sales.


  19. Great pictures, really love your white boots!
    I love looking at your art journal pages, so beautiful! It is giving me some inspiration for my Wreck Journal ;)

    Happy New Year! Thanks for all your lovely comments over the past year :)))) Xx

  20. Those are fun photos in the snow!
    I wish it snows here in the Philippines! LOL!

    Sometimes it feels good to wear weird outfits Teddi! ^◡^


  21. Teddiiii happy new year, I wish you all the best for you and yours... big big hug

  22. Aww speed racer is too cute, it's true a fee months makes all the difference! Utah is beautiful, you got some great photos of the landscape :)

  23. wishing for snow here in the carolina's
    love those snowflake pendants

  24. This is one of my favorite posts of yours i have really been into the whole wintery snow queen look and you just perfectly just did a post that depicts that. I love the all white look you look like a mod person from the future walking to their house in Antartica.

  25. wow, the photographs of your road trip are stunning! I adore those pictures of your nieces out in the snow playing around on the sled, that is just so sweet and adorable. (Kids are so fun to watch in the snow, they're excitement is so infectious.)

    I know you think this looks like a chauffeur outfit, but it's quite cool and has a bit of a mod look to it! (And those tights are really awesome.)

  26. Happy 2013, Teddi! I'm totally diggin' the chauffeur look! I wish I could see it with those killer snowflake tights.

    (After typing that sentence, I realized how odd "killer snowflake" sounds).

  27. You are so freakin' cute! This is such a classy look, but then you're wearing those badass boots! I love the all-white look. I hope you have a wonderful 2013!

    May the force be with you.


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