Friday, December 28, 2012

black, white, and christmas delight

Joseph Fall RTW 2012
Alice + Olivia Fall 2012 RTW
Left: Altuzarra Fall 2012 RTW
Right: Alexis Mabille Fall 2012 RTW
Left: Charlotte Ronson Fall RTW 2012
Right: Andrew Gn

Me and my guy 
Christmas 2006

My brother, my sister n-law, and me
 Christmas 2006

This bathroom, at a rest stop in New Mexico,
 looks like white stars painted in a black sky.

Top left: Christmas 2012 weather
Top right: I'm in the red pajamas
Center: my brother n-law and my niece Lil bug
Bottom left: my nephew Baby JJ

Bottom right: my nephew Baby JJ and my mother n-law

My twin nieces 
EJ is wearing the polka dots.
Lil bug is wearing the sheep.

Christmas 2012

My brother is on the top, far left, holding back his dog.
My nephew Speed Racer
Christmas 2012

My art journal page 12-9-12

I look at the handmade gifts our old next door neighbor would cut out of wood and paint. 

How my guy would go to our neighbor's wood shop, and borrow his tools.
I think of the year we made brownies and cut them into Christmas trees,
frosted and topped with M & M's.
And every year we would bake cookies: hello dolly's, frosted sugar cookies with sprinkles,
or we made rice krispie treats, 
orange sugared walnuts, or cheeseballs.


  1. Cheese balls are the best part of Christmas parties!! Haha. I love all these classic tasteful black and white looks. You picked some really awesome ones!

  2. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas

  3. Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas! Thanks for sharing these pics :)



    Southern (California) Belle

  4. the bag from joseph fall's, the jacket from alice+olivia, Altuzarra's boots and Charlotte Ronson's look.. that's what I wanna wear.. fab runway inspo!
    those little twins remind me of my sisters when they were that age... they're twins too.. and my favorite people in the whole universe.. happy new year!

  5. Teddi I hope your new year be even more filled with family and love. The twins look like double trouble ;-) They are so cute!

  6. i loved the black and white fashion! and i also loved the bathroom very spacy! looks like you had a great christmas!

  7. Love all of the black and white prints you have shown in the collections
    Looks a super fun Christmas with all the kiddos around

  8. aww the pics of you and your guy is so cute, and love the alice & olivia outfits!

  9. mmm.. all those snacks and treats sound so yummy! and I miss M&M's, both - brown and yellow package :P
    those runway looks you've chosen are pretty amazing as well. very good examples of how even only black & white ensembles without other bright shades can be interesting and special. nice inspiration :)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  10. I was just musing over this bit from your profile blurb "i wish i was surrounded by mountains sitting on a beach watching waves".

    You can do that in New Zealand! I did a foreign study there, and it truly is an amazing country....

  11. Awww, look at all that family time at christmas, you must have enjoyed it so much :) I love handmade gifts, i find they're the ones that last the longest (both in real life and memory). My fave handmade gift(s) is pottery my friend made for me :)

    Happy New Year!

  12. Kids are SO cute when they open their presents! (And they're so funny, my son takes his time and slowly opens his while my little girl is just a whirlwind.) I hope they had so much fun this Christmas, I love how you always post the cutest and sweetest pictures of your family. Have a Happy New Year!

  13. Teddi, i wish you a happy new year!

  14. these are the best combo ever (and the colors too)


  15. i love all of your pics. the 2006 pics of you and your guy are adorable!! happy new year!!

  16. I always love the runway photos you post you always choose the best from the runways

  17. Looks like you had a lovely Christmas- the children are too cute! I love the photobooth pics of you and your guy from 6 years ago and the 2nd black and white outfit is spectacular! PS I am headed to Texas next week, Austin for 3 days and Houston for 2 days! If you are anywhere close, we should meet up! :) You can e-mail me at

  18. LOVE the Altuzarra and Alice + Olivia looks! Your photos look like so much fun! Happy New Year, friend.


  19. Black and white is my all-time favorite color combination! They never fail to make one person classy!

    Cheers to a more beautiful and awesome blog posts this year 2013 Teddi! ^◡^


  20. I LOVE the black and white look. So cool! Especially the polka dot skirt.
    Looks like you had a great Xmas :) Happy New Year!

  21. beautiful photos! I love the black and white outfits- is there a combination more chic?

  22. I'm not proactive about following runway fashions, so I love seeing you showcase them in your posts. You always have such a varied selection with both well-known and lesser-known (to me) designers. The ones in this post are fantastic. I'm smitten with the fringe-sleeved cream sweater and the spiderweb pattern on that prim white blouse. Keep 'em coming!

  23. Your nieces and nephews are so adorable, Teddi! I love the photos you post of them. I have one little nephew and he's the only kid at my family's Christmas gathering, so it's fun to see everyone dote on him with all the super Christmas-y gifts. :) I'm lovin' the white fringe (in the first pic), too. It reminds me of icicles.


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